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Keep Arian Weird

Illustration by German Arellano for Local Houston Magazine

Illustration by German Arellano for Local Houston Magazine

Arian Foster’s Top 5 Weirdest Moments (that we know of):

Texans running back Arian Foster has had a lot of amazing moments on the field not limited to his Namaste touchdowns, and he’s had a lot of…well, just plain moments off the field (all of which made national news). Here are some of our favorites from #23 as he continues to keep the game entertaining.

CHEERIO, MATE. Back in December – and for no other reason than Arian just being Arian, he gave his entire press conference in a British accent. “String together wins, that is the goal,” he said in his newly developing accent only breaking “character” once.

“I’M JUST TRYING TO BE THE BEST TEAMMATE I CAN BE.” Foster was asked 11 questions during an interview after 2014 training camp and this was the answer he gave ELEVEN TIMES.

NOT A FAN OF SELFIES. A fan interrupted Foster’s meal by literally sitting his baby on the table and asking him to take a picture with the baby. Foster declined the photo op, then took to Twitter saying, “Can you please remove your infant away from my salad fork, bruh?” Foster took to Twitter again to explain another encounter he had with a crazed fan: “Lady asked me for a pic, I asked her “wouldn’t you rather have a genuine moment with me? Where you from?” She said “no, I just wan’ a pic”.”

ARIAN FOSTER ON TINDER? No, but his tweets are. Paul Gallant of SportsRadio 610 has paid attention to Foster’s unique tweets long enough to know they are conversation starters, so Gallant signed up for Tinder and began chatting up females using only tweets from Foster. Gallant says instead of using “sup girl” or “hey bae” as pickup lines, why not use the creativity Foster so lovingly puts out in the Twitterverse? Gallant started conversations using completely random and out-of-context tweets like, “I don’t think I’ve ever not peed in a hot tub” or “Your cat doesn’t love you” or “a carrot burger would be awful.”

HOUSTON HAS A FAKE ARIAN FOSTER. An unsuspecting fan takes a picture with the wrong Arian Foster. Last year a fan (@j_baz) tweeted that she “ran into Arian Foster at Pub Fiction” and included a picture of herself and a man who looked an awful lot like the Texans running back. Foster quickly pointed out her mistake by tweeting, “Lol, I appreciate the love but that’s not me.” The story and tweet got so much traction it became news on SportsCenter. But that wasn’t the end – Foster appreciated how the fan took it in stride and a few weeks later met up with her for a “real” picture.

*Follow his adventures on Twitter.

This article originally ran in the print issue of Local Houston Magazine’s March 2015 issue (their first ever sports issue). What are sports in Houston without a little prodding at Arian Foster? Click here to see the online version (and the awesome illustration!).