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Lingerie-clad Running Back

Carmen Bourseau - our favorite lingerie-clad running back (photo via LFL)

Carmen Bourseau – our favorite lingerie-clad running back (photo via LFL)

Carmen Bourseau is a 29-year-old running back for the LA Temptation (currently 2-0 this season). The Temptation have the most championship wins of the Legends Football League‘s six teams. And Bourseau was recently named the Temptation’s MVP after running 160 yards and scoring three TDs.

This is real, hard-hitting football. We should also note that these hard hits take place with beautifully fit and athletically talented women. These women are donned in protective pads and gear including a helmet, eye black to look even fiercer, and lingerie.

And to clarify–when we say hard-hitting, we mean actualhitting and tackling. The only flags in this league are penalty flags, not the belted kind like you’d find in Powder Puff leagues. Bourseau is no rookie on the field and always comes prepared just in case there’s a Janet Jackson-type wardrobe malfunction.

While neither of us rocked lingerie during the interview, Bourseau was decked out in a tank and spandex, having just finished up a training session.

Admire her for her football skills, and also that, unlike us, she can do more than five sit-ups.

Man Cave Daily: Where do you live?

Carmen Bourseau: I spend half the week in Las Vegas and the other half in Los Angeles.

MCD: Occupation?

CB: I work at the front desk for the Charlie Palmer Group Las Vegas corporate office.

MCD: Tell me about the LFL–didn’t it used to be called something different?

CB: The LFL acronym has always remained the same; however, it was formerly known as the Lingerie Football League. They made the decision to change the name to Legends Football League since the competition and athletic skill was increasing while the women have always remained beautiful.

MCD: How time-consuming is this sport?

CB: Oh wow, you could say it is a full time job but that’s because I love the sport so much. I am willing to make sacrifices daily. It is the one thing I think about when I first wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. We have six to eight games in a season and travel together as a team. I drive out from Vegas every Friday to practice with my team Saturday and Sunday. I will drive back to Vegas to train with my trainer Reggie Hobson four to five days each week. In addition to my morning sprints three days a week and speed and agility classes I drop in on at least once a week. You could say I am a bit fanatical when it comes to training but I am always looking to improve and never want to settle.

MCD: How long is the season?

CB: The season is about five–6 months. Usually the first game is the last weekend of March or first weekend in April and will go all the way to the end of August potentially first week of September.

MCD: Can anyone try out?

CB: Sure anyone can try out but to be picked up by a team you better know about football and be an athlete. It is not just a bunch of pretty girls. A lot of girls have a background in some sort of D1 college sport.

MCD: Are there ever catfights or is it strictly business?

CB: We have 20 women on a roster. There can be heated moments in practice but it is just the competitive side coming out. At the end of the day we walk off the field with respect for each other and knowing that we are just trying to push each other to be better.

MCD: How serious/competitive is the play? Most people probably picture beautifully toned women running down a field not wanting to sweat, but in reality…

CB: Haha, those misconceptions clearly come from people who have not come out to a game. We are out there sweating our asses off running through the same drills the guys do. We are very serious about playing and when we come out of that tunnel game day we are looking to battle it out for the W.

MCD: What do coworkers and friends and family say about you playing?

CB: I am very lucky to have friends, family and coworkers who are all extremely supportive and try their best to make every game.

MCD: When people hear about the league or that you play, what is their first comment? Are they

She scores a lot. (photo via Mat GDowski/LFL Photos)

She scores a lot. (photo via Mat GDowski/LFL Photos)

intrigued? Do they have misconceptions?

CB: People are extremely intrigued and ask a bunch of questions. I mean it usually starts with “You must do CrossFit?” and when I explain to them that I play tackle football for the LFL they usually are super-shocked and then want to know all about it. Some definitely do have the misconception that we are a bunch of pretty women frolicking down a field but when they see clips or go to a game they are blown away that we actually hit hard like the guys and the game has legitimate plays and schemes just like you would expect at a football game.

MCD: Is it weird playing in lingerie?

CB: I would say the first time I had to put on the uniform for my first game I was a little unsure if it was going to be weird. But the moment the game started I did not even think about what I was wearing nor did I care.

MCD: Any embarrassing or taboo moments playing in such tiny outfits?

CB: Haha I would say if it weren’t for the pasties I was wearing under my bra and uniform, the game against Seattle last year I had my top pulled down. It was a close call but I definitely make sure I have some cool Star Wars or crazy print pasties on just in case.

Today we learned that Star Wars pasties are a reality.

MCD: If you had to pick one–would you consider yourself a tomboy or a girly girl?

CB: I mean I love to get my nails and hair done but I was always that girl who like to set stuff on fire [laughs]. I would have to say I am a tomboy at heart.

MCD: If you could be on any reality show?

CB: The Amazing Race with my sister! You get the chance to travel and there are multiple obstacles. Plus my sister is the brains in our dynamic duo and we are both athletic so I feel like we would have a chance. Although Wipeout looks like it would be a lot of fun!

See more of Carmen in her bonus gallery!

You have to love a league where the MVP is given a beer during the game. LFL games air Saturday nights at 9 p.m. on Fuse.tv.

This article originally ran on the sports and hot chicks section of CBS Man Cave Daily. Click here to see the original article.