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NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors Dance Team Edition

Co-Captains: Amira and Patrisha (photo via Warriors.com)

Co-Captains: Amira and Patrisha (photo via Warriors.com)

NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors Dance Team Edition

Everyone is all LeBron James this and Stephen Curry that…but what about Amira and Patrisha–fourth year co-captains for the Golden State Warriors Dance Team, working their butts off to keep the team and the fans energized during this tough series?

The epic NBA Finals battle heads back to Golden State on Sunday for game five (and again on Friday, June 16th if necessary), but the dancers are probably more excited than even the biggest bandwagon fan (like myself).

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Amira and Patrisha about their postseason experience thus far, their new uniforms, their love for their team and their fans and especially all the juiciness of the Finals action

Man Cave Daily: Describe the NBA Finals atmosphere?

Amira: The crowd at Oracle Arena has exceeded my expectations as being the loudest, most engaging fans in the NBA. The Warriors Dance Team feeds off the electrifying energy from the fans, and I’m sure the team does as well. Warriors fans are truly the best fans in the NBA.

Patrisha: The atmosphere is almost indescribable. Every fan puts on their gold Strength In Numbers t-shirt before every game to show a united front. You feel the energy in the arena explode as soon as we step on court. The Finals take this atmosphere to another level. The Golden State Warriors have been underdogs and written off for so long, our loyal fans are truly invested in us and want to see us succeed. Every seat is filled with an intense, loud and passionate fan all season long, but even more so in the Finals.

MCD: How does it feel to be able to dance and be right there in the action of such a huge sporting event?

A: The NBA Finals are the real deal. This platform elevates the Warriors team and organization to the next level. Millions of fans around the world are watching, which not only pushes us to perform our best, but to take in the energy and excitement of the situation.

P: It’s a blessing to perform on this stage for the NBA Finals. I feel honored to be a part of this dance team and organization. I’ve been a Warriors fan my entire life, and I am thankful every time I step out on the court. To perform at the NBA’s signature event is just a dream come true.

MCD: How have you been prepping?

A: Every season before the team reaches the NBA Playoffs, the Warriors Dance Team brings in our top choreographers to learn new and fun routines. We think that these high-energy routines add to the energy and excitement of the Playoffs. The Warriors Dance Team also unveils new uniforms during the playoff run to give our fans a new element to the on-court action.

P: We have learned new routines to make sure our performances are dynamic and flawless, so when we hit the court on game day we are ready to entertain and energize our fan base. Our rehearsals have been a lot longer (typically four hours per practice) to prepare for a playoff game. Every member of our team is working hard to give our best for each game.

MCD: How proud are you of your team?

A: Warriors fans have been faithful through thick and the thin. It’s an amazing time to be a Warriors fan. I am so proud of our team and what they have accomplished this year and how far they have come. It’s a rare achievement to reach the NBA Finals and perform at this level, and I am so happy to be a part of this experience.

P: I am extremely proud of our team and our organization. I joined the Warriors Dance Team in 2011, and to see our players grow into a great basketball team has been amazing. Our fans have been there to support the team during difficult seasons, so to now have a franchise record 67-win season and to now be in the NBA Finals with a chance to win it all is amazing, and hopefully we are making new Warriors fans along the way.

MCD: You’ve obviously been watching your team all season–you knew they had it in them–how does it feel for the rest of the NBA world to really be paying attention?

A: It feels like a dream. It is so exciting to be able to embrace the success our team is experiencing on the court. They are a strong team and deserve this. It’s just an amazing experience and it is exciting that the whole world gets to experience this with us as well!

P: I think the recognition and attention the team has received is well deserved. I knew in my heart we would make it all the way.

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This article originally ran on CBS Man Cave Daily. Click here to see that version.