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The Music of Michael Jackson: Houston Symphony

The Blondes: Braidee and Jayme at the Houston Symphony Summer Series

The Blondes: Braidee and Jayme at the Houston Symphony Summer Series

I have officially lived in Houston for nine years now. Man, time flies when you’re having fun (I totally should use another word here, but I’ll leave it as is).

One of the most touted things about Houston is how much the city has to offer, but until the other night, I somehow ignored a huge piece of H-town culture – the symphony.

My friend Braidee (pictured on the left) and I went to the Houston Symphony Summer Series at Jones Hall in downtown to see the Music of Michael Jackson, and WOW. I literally can’t remember the last time I had that much time.

The really bummer part was that as I was tweeting and sharing pictures and video clips from the night, everyone wanted to go. They didn’t know about the goodness that existed just a few miles from them either!

This particular show (info below) was only a one-night show, but the Summer Series also includes a Pokemon night, a Back to the Future – Film with Live Orchestra, and other great events that everyone would love, and it’s something outside the norm and just a unique experience.

A few facts & tips for your first (or next) adventure to the Houston Symphony:

– Dress however you like. Obviously we wore little black dresses (as pictured), but we saw people decked out in all varieties, even some dressed in MJ attire. (Ok, I lied, only one person dressed like MJ and she was seven…)

– There is a bar there, but you can’t bring drinks into the theatre (unless you purchase a sippy cup for $3) and the lines during intermission are SUPER long.

– Parking isn’t too bad as downtown really does accommodate, but if you live close, snag an Uber like we did.

– Check out all that downtown has to offer before and after the show – bars, restaurants, etc. Downtown truly has stepped up their game and it’s worth a night out on the town.

– Have fun. I don’t know about normal symphony shows, but the Summer Series was really interactive and laughing, clapping, dancing, etc. was all encouraged and made the night even more enjoyable.

The Music of Michael Jackson event info (from the Houston Symphony website):

Brent Havens, conductor, James Delisco, vocalist/dancer

From Motown to his mega success as a global figure in pop culture, Michael Jackson made HIStory(1995 Platinum album) for his iconic dance moves, over-the-top performances, and of course, his music. The Houston Symphony brings you the Music of Michael Jackson, a high-energy spectacle with the orchestra and amplified with a full band and vocals. This one-night only performance features blockbuster hits like “Thriller,” “Black or White” and “Rock With You,” along with a nod to his Jackson 5 days, including “A-B-C” and “I’ll Be There.” Capturing M.J.’s utter brilliance is singer-dancer James Delisco. Rolling Stone declared M.J. “the world’s greatest entertainer.” Come hear why as we celebrate his phenomenal legacy this summer at Jones Hall.