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HTC Calendar Reveal

Houston Texans Cheerleader 2015 - 2016 Calendar

Houston Texans Cheerleader 2015 – 2016 Calendar

Football season is pretty much upon us and that means lines of anxious fans everywhere. Rabid Houston Texans fans are waiting to get into the spirit of all things football — and that definitely includes the Houston Texans Cheerleaders 2015-16 swimsuit calendar reveal party.

Fans lined up outside the Go Texan Store at NRG Stadium in three-digit temperatures and humidity on Saturday waiting to purchase their $10 calendars for the bikini-clad Babes on Parade to autograph.

In her fourth year gracing the HTC Swimsuit calendar, Delaney, who poses for April, may be a veteran to the swimsuit shoot process, but says each one is a unique experience.

“We were at a really nice resort, El Conquistador Resort’s Palomino Island in Puerto Rico – a private resort – so we got a lot of extra care for us. It was really nice and pretty,” she says. “We had a fun video shoot to Carly Rae Jepson’s I Really Like You. We had a great time.”

Delaney may look sweet and innocent (which she is!), but be warned her favorite thing about the month of April is April Fool’s Day.

A new addition to this year’s calendar is Callie who struts her stuff for August. Callie was overwhelmed and flattered by the process as she sat next to twins Randi and Jordan (also new to the calendar and the team) to start signing calendars.

“It’s crazy, but it’s flattering – it still seems unreal,” she said as fans began entering the room. As

Texans cheerleaders were photographed at  El Conquistador Resort's Palomino Island in Puerto Rico. Courtesy photo

Texans cheerleaders were photographed at El Conquistador Resort’s Palomino Island in Puerto Rico. Courtesy photo

for the finished product, the blonde beamed, “I love it!”

For Callie, there are a lot of things about the month of August she loves. “It’s my sister’s birthday, back-to-school month and of course the start of football,” she says.

Kicking off 2016 and representing the fresh start that is January is Lesha, who was also pulling double duty during her calendar signings by not only being featured in the first month of next year, but also one of the cover girls.

As for the cover, Lesha is particularly proud to be next to a few of her fellow cheerleaders, even if that means extra sharpie duty. “When I saw it, I was like oh my goodness, I can’t believe that’s me. It’s such an exciting experience and feeling that I’m so thankful and grateful for,” she says.

January also happens to be Lesha’s birthday month (January 18), so be sure to send her a note on Twitter when that day rolls around.

And speaking of Twitter, by our last count Lesha has more followers than any other NFL Cheerleader. Give her a follow at @HTC_Lesha.

Like last year, this year’s cover boasts six beautiful ladies (Antonieta, Delaney, Callie, Lesha, Kelly and Jessica) rather than highlighting just one. This simple photo speaks volumes for the way Texans cheerleaders coach Alto Gary runs her team. She likes to highlight as many of the girls as possible to show off their hard work, not to mention the teamwork and bond these ladies share.

Saturday’s event was open to fans who purchased a calendar who all had the chance to have the entire 2015 HTC squad sign their calendars, and check out a behind-the-scenes tour of their locker room. The afternoon also included mini makeovers at Salon HTC and a 10 percent discount at the Go Texan Store.

The ninth annual calendar was shot by photographer Trask Smith and is $10, with all proceeds benefiting the Houston Texans Foundation. Buy your calendar now.

This article originally ran on Culture Map. Click here to see the original article.