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Golf Attire: Lizzie Driver Review

Lizzie Driver sleeveless top

Lizzie Driver sleeveless top

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that after many years of debate, I recently decided to take up golf. Thanks to a great new partnership with Callaway, I’m learning the game and sharing my experiences with my readers. And guess what – that includes trying out some great brands of women’s golf apparel like Lizzie Driver.

One thing I’ve always known (or at least thought) about golf is that most places have a pretty strict dress code, but that isn’t always the case. (Pro tip: call the course ahead of time or check their website for exact specifics.) Typically a collared shirt is a must for men and women and you want to look conservative for the most part – a word that doesn’t usually describe my personality or my style. Off to a good start…

The pieces I’ve worn from the Lizzie Driver collection fit extremely well and are the perfect balance of fashion and function. During a round of golf you need to wear clothes that move with you and don’t restrict your swing (see how professional I sound there?). Lizzie Driver makes a conscious effort to use the best fabrics and pay close attention to style, detail and fit – all things that can make you at least look the part on the golf course.

My critique: Since I’m pretty short (5-foot-2), the skorts and shorts are a little long for my liking. Of course you can get it altered, but I’m a big fan of all their collared shirts, especially in this brutal Texas heat, they remain breathable.

My favorite: If I had my way, I would never wear sleeves, and I love their selection of sleeveless

Lizzie Driver 3/4 sleeve shirt for golf

Lizzie Driver 3/4 sleeve shirt for golf


A little more about the brand: America’s fastest-growing women’s golf-lifestyle line, Lizzie Driver was founded in 2011 by close friends Karen Preston and Lorrie Forgatch.  After successful careers in business and raising children, the two partnered to create beautiful golf apparel that aligned with their off-course wardrobes.  Their vision was to develop a collection that functions equally well on the country club fairway as at meetings, social events or almost any other activity in a busy woman’s life. They christened their brand Lizzie Driver by combining their shared middle name – Elizabeth – with that of the “golf club that goes the farthest.”