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LARABAR: For The Win

LARABAR: one of my go-to snacks

LARABAR: one of my go-to snacks

As I get older, I learn things about myself every day. For instance: I get hangry real quick. Seriously, I’m not proud of it and it isn’t pretty.

One of my number one tips if you’re a girl on the go (like myself), is to always be prepared. You will never catch me without at least 1-2 snacks in my computer or travel bag. Not only does it keep my energy levels from crashing and me getting intensely hangry, but it helps save money and my diet along the way. Have you ever been driving or running errands and immediately hunger hits?

In the past I had options A and B: hit the drivethru on the left or the one on the right. Now it’s just as easy and filling to reach into my bag for a healthy and easy snack like a LARABAR. It’s also convenient, so it’s a great way to fuel my body with good, clean food when I’m on the go (which is pretty much always).

LARABAR is a great snack because it’s simple, real and delicious, not to mention it’s gluten free, diary free and non-GMO. I’ve always been told to look at food labels and if there are ingredients you don’t know (or can’t pronounce!) to move on.

LARABAR is made with just fruits, nuts and spices and that’s it. For example, one of my favorite flavors, Peanut Butter Cookie is made from just dates, peanuts, and sea salt. Pretty sure I can pronounce all of those ingredients! 

A few real-life examples when having a snack (like LARABAR) in my bag has been helpful:

  • Getting stuck in Houston traffic
  • Being stranded at an airport (a delay not long enough to go buy a full over-priced meal)
  • Posted up at a coffeeshop, starting to get hungry, but not ready to pack up your computer and notepad for lunch (or dinner)
  • Heading to or from the gym – need fuel for your body
  • Wanting a quick bite of something sweet (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Apple Pie LARABARS hit the spot for this one!)

And yes, if you’re wondering, these would make for a great stocking stuffer, just in time for the holidays.