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Donate to Run10Feed10: Please HELP

Donate to Run10Feed10 by December 1st to be eligible for some great prizes!

Donate to Run10Feed10 by December 1st to be eligible for some great prizes!

I’m starting to feel like Sally Struthers’ PSA commercials, but seriously, I don’t ask for money/donations often, and when I do, they are ones that I believe in so much

Here’s the thing – I’m a freelance writer. What that really means is that I don’t make a lot of money. At all.

Why do you care that I’m broke?

Because when I choose a charity or non-profit to support, I work hard to make sure even the little donations matter. If you can only donate $10, that’s PERFECT. Because guess what? TEN DOLLARS DOES A LOT!

Here’s the kicker and where you can seriously make a HUGE impact: If I can get TEN OF YOU to donate just $10 each, together we can provide a family of 4 meals for an entire month! 

And since your hard-earned $10 means so much to me and so many others in need, I am offering prizes! (Right now, odds are good – there are ten people entered to win four prizes.)

For every $10 donation, you are entered to win one of these prizes, thanks to my team at Women’s Health Magazine: Damsen jet speaker set, Love FEED Projects​ Tote, Women’s Medium Racerback RUN10 Tank, or a mophie​ juice pack! 

(For every $10 you donate, you are entered that many times (i.e. $30 donation = 3 entries). Those who previously donated, you are automatically entered as well!)

Donate here.

We are asking that all donations be made by December 1st. (Yes, these donations are tax-deductible too!)

Thank you in advance. And even if you don’t donate to this cause, please consider sharing this page or reading the website to learn more about it. As the holidays approach, lets all make an effort to help someone else out – whether that’s a donation to your favorite cause, spending time volunteering or just helping make your small corner of the world a happier and brighter place. Deal?