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EE Series: Manor Home Decor (1)

Beth DeLozier-Hayes of Manor

Beth DeLozier-Hayes of Manor

Entrepreneur Excitement Blog Series #1 – Manor Home Decor with Beth DeLozier-Hayes

Entrepreneurs make the world go ’round. At least that’s what I think.

A few weeks ago I looked back at the group of friends I had – the ones I was texting, having brunch with (or delicious cocktails with), the ones I ran into at some of the big-name events here in Houston and it hit me – I know a lot of really talented people. So why not create an Entrepreneur Excitement Blog Series here on The Blonde Side?

It means the world to me when people showcase my business and talents, so I want to do the same for some really rad businesses and people in my life. With that said, here’s our first interview in this series.

I’m not sure exactly how long I’ve known Beth, but it’s been at least five years. During that time Beth has proven to not only be a terrific and trusted friend (not to mention reliable dog-sitter!), she has shared some creative and brilliant ideas along the way – whether figuring out how to maximize my 600sq. ft loft-style apartment (at the time) or help get me out of some oft-times ridiculous situations I find myself in by just lending an ear or laughing with me. Her creativity and drive to not only succeed but shine in her own way is unparalleled.

It should go without saying (but I’m saying it anyways) that Beth was the perfect choice for my first profile in this series. (And I’m not just bragging because she’s a friend – Manor has received quite the high praise in the short time they’ve been in business.)

Check out The Blonde Side’s exclusive interview with Beth:

The Blonde Side: Tell everyone who you are?

Beth DeLozier-Hayes: Founder/Creative Director at Manor Home Decor

TBS: How did we meet?

BDH: We met on Twitter somehow (I don’t remember the exact circumstances) when you were looking for an organizer/decorator to assist you in your loft.

TBS: Correction – we met when you so kindly volunteered your services for an auction item back when I was running Charity Chicks Houston. Then I talked you into helping me with my tiny little loft…

TBS: Tell me about your job?

BDH: I am an interior stylist that loves creating smashing spaces, for smashing people. My newest venture Manor (linked above) is sharing all of our favorite furniture, lighting, home decor and gifts in one pretty online shop that anyone, anywhere can peruse.

TBS: Do you have any funny Jayme moments you want to recount?

BDH: Though I wasn’t there, the story of the guy throwing a brick through your window and it landing on your chest still makes me die laughing.

Editor’s explanation: Someone tried to break into my house when I lived in a not-so-great part of town and I happened to be home. They used a brick to break the window to enter and it landed on me. I had just taken an Ambien and called the police, and well…you can just imagine how that conversation went with Houston law enforcement after taking such a med. 

TBS: How would you describe Jayme’s style?

BDH: Verbally – Jayme is comically honest, and lacks a filter…in a good way! Fashionably – Jayme’s personal style is a good mix of spunky activewear and elevated basics, unexpected choices, and effortless, relatable pairings.

TBS: If you had ONE product at Manor that would be perfect for sports fans at The Blonde Side…

BDH: Well I know you’re a big Florida State fan, so this Arrow Gold Foil print would be great (and

FSU Fans: Arrows Gold Foil Print at shopthemanor.com

FSU Fans: Arrows Gold Foil Print at shopthemanor.com

it’s on sale). And I don’t know if this is really for sports fans, but you seem to be obsessed with our selection of Wondermade Marshmallows – I think you’ve bought more than anyone else.

Editor’s note: these come in champagne flavors and now a fireball flavor! And s’mores of course! 

TBS: What does supporting not only local Houston folks mean to you, but specifically other women? Do you find it rare to see other women wanting to help instead of tearing them down?

BDH: Houstonians supporting local businesses are a HUGE reason why the city has grown substantially (both financially and culturally) in the last decade. It really is its own little (or HUGE) city of dreams. I’ve watched so many friends start their own endeavors over the years, and it’s amazing how much local support rallies around them. Especially women supporting other women. I’ve even witnessed women who are technically competitors find ways to collaborate for charity events. There doesn’t have to be one winner. We can all make it.

TBS: Your business is pretty new – what was the final straw to say “I can do this on my own?” 

BDH: Though I loved my current job/company, I knew it wasn’t something that could be sustainable long term, and I was ready to spice things up a bit. Adding an online boutique as a sister shop was a natural step forward.

TBS: What is your driving force behind running your own business? I know firsthand it’s hard as balls, what keeps you going? 

BDH: Wanting to constantly be challenged creatively.

[Also worth noting – Beth has a huge heart. Beth and I were both asked to participate in an End Domestic Violence campaign with AVDA back in January.]

TBS: This is a sports column, so I have to ask – favorite team?

BDH: Even though I’m a transplant, going to Astros games is one of my favorite things in the world. (And my northeastern family would kill me if I didn’t mention the Redskins.)

TBS: If you could style a gal going to a sporting event, how would you style her? Specifics?

BDH: A crown braid is ideal for summer sporting events. It’s feminine, and keeps you cool. I seem to gravitate toward vintage or distressed team t-shirts that are well-fitted. Pair those with a cutoff skirt or shorts, and some cute converse and you’re all set.

Wondermade Gold & Champagne Marshmallows (available at shopthemanor.com)

Wondermade Gold & Champagne Marshmallows (available at shopthemanor.com)

TBS: Name a magazine, website or author you can’t put down?

BDH: Real Simple Magazine. They always have a new/inventive way of looking at the world, whether it be interior design, fashion, recipes, and life in general. The latest issue always makes me feel inspired.

TBS: Look in your bag – what’s the most random thing in there? 

BDH: Tape measure. Random to most, but I use it multiple times a day.

TBS: Most embarrassing/random thing in your Google search history? 

BDH: How to get mildew out of clothing…eeek. Things get crazy around here, laundry is often forgotten, and in Houston your wet laundry to dryer window is small.

TBS: 2015 is practically over (shocking and scary!) – what’s ONE goal for the remainder of the year?

BDH: To spend more time relaxing (and unplugging) with family and friends. I read the quote recently, “No man ever said on his deathbed, I wish I spent more time on business.” I always try to keep that in the back of my mind, as a reminder to work smarter.

TBS: Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

BDH: During the 2008 election year, I was told by many that I looked like Sarah Palin. So I dressed in similar attire,  gave myself the updo, and carried around a faux “dead” stuffed husky. People spoke to me all night like I was really the governor…it was surreal.

TBS: Moment you are most proud of?

BDH: Other than of course the birth of Lawson, which took years of hard work, positive thoughts and wishes, the birth of Manor would be next. Having my own shop was a dream for years, and when we finally launched, it was like my second child was born.

TBS: How can The Blonde Side fans become fans of yours on social media?

BDH: Follow on Twitter & Instagram: @shopthemanor

TBS: Since your site is so rad, how about offering our readers a discount?

BDH: Absolutely – use TBS20 for 20% off your entire purchase – code is valid until December 12, 2015.

Sponsor: Speaking of makeovers, have you Houston folks checked out The Durham House? What once was old is new again by way of a major makeover plus an all-new menu with the debut of The Durham House, a southern-chic, laidback eatery off Washington Avenue where a Louisiana-led triumvirate – Floyd’s Cajun Kitchen, Mardi Gras Grill, and, most recently, Woodrow’s Heights – once lived.

Know someone we should profile in this Entrepreneur Excitement Series? Leave a comment below or shoot us an email – jayme @ theblondeside [.] com.