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EE Series: Neiter Creative (2)

Jo Neiter of Neiter Creative

Jo Neiter of Neiter Creative

Entrepreneur Excitement Blog Series #2 – Neiter Creative with Jo Neiter

Many people don’t realize I went to school for Advertising and Marketing – not writing or journalism. (If you take one look at my misuse of commas, you’d know that right away.)

I’ve always thought that the one thing that has set me apart from other sportswriters/bloggers is my creativity. Going to school and having had the opportunity to work at ad agencies trained my brain in a completely unique way. It taught me that when all the cameras and voice recorders were pointed one direction, I should look the other direction – because that’s where you might find a unique angle no one else even noticed.

Being so interested in branding and graphic design, I run into many talented people, and one of those is Jo Neiter. She’s virtually brand new to running her own business, but as far as what she’s accomplished and how “put together” she is in such a short amount of time, she is downright astounding! And I’d be lying if I didn’t say she was pretty good (and serious!) about fantasy football as well. (She’s also seriously into working out, and I need to invite her to a RYDE class, stat.)

Check out The Blonde Side’s exclusive interview with the fashionable and creative genius below:

The Blonde Side: Tell us who you are? 

Jo Neiter: Owner & Founder of Neiter Creative

TBS: Describe your business and how long you’ve been in business? 

JN: Neiter Creative is a boutique branding and web design company. We are the young age of 1 but have over 40 clients.

TBS: You work in a creative industry – in your own words, tell me what creative means to you? 

JN: Creativity is a continuous state of mind. I don’t think you can turn it off and then turn it back on. If you are a creative person, the things around you are constantly inspiring you.

TBS: How did we meet?

JN: We became blonde soul mates about 5 years ago.. I think? Through a mutual friend, Michelle Tarallo. Jayme was a celebrity guest bartender for a charity event and was drinking more champagne than she was serving! We bonded over our love of football and our tendency to make inappropriately vulgar comments.

TBS: Have you partnered with The Blonde Side on any projects? 

Spoken like a true professional

Spoken like a true professional

JN: Not yet… but we will. I am sure of it. 

TBS: Tell me about your job?

JN: As owner and founder of Neiter Creative, I find myself being designer, accountant, sales person, marketing director and account manager. I am sure many small business owners also have this “business multiple personality disorder.” What is most important to me, is that my client’s never realize how busy I am. Just because NC is busy, they will still get badass designs, quick responses and an attention to their business that goes beyond any one project. I am constantly thinking of my clients and new ways to enhance their branding and websites.

TBS: Do you have any funny Jayme moments to recount?

JN: Specific funny moments are eluding me, because I feel like every time we hang out I am with the blonde version of Chrissy Teigen and everything is hilarious.


TBS: If you had to describe Jayme’s style…?

JN: Jessica Simpson.. Hair did,  jean shorts and some sort of witty tank, but she also cleans up really nice. 🙂

TBS: What’s the one thing about graphic design most people don’t understand? 

JN: I think people underestimate how much thought and time goes into the development of a strong logo. I have a lot of people tell me “My friend got a logo for $100.” I just want to point out that the person who produced that logo was either not a designer or grossly underestimates their value and services.

TBS: What do you consider your strong suits when it comes to your design capabilities? 

JN: I think I have a great knack for understanding my clients aesthetic. I create designs that are representative of the best version of them.

TBS: Absolute favorite thing about Houston?

JN: Undoubtedly, my favorite thing about Htown is that there are so many young entrepreneurs. These young business owners are coming up with unique ideas and then working their asses off.

TBS: What does supporting not only local Houston folks mean to you, but specifically other women? Do you find it rare to see other women wanting to help others instead of tearing them down?

JN: I have gotten to know some unbelievably amazing women who are in my industry and could be considered competitors. However, we really support each other and direct business and ideas to one another. Shout out to Amelia Tomjanovich of Ringside Design and Megan Davis of Toast & Laurel! And then of course Jayme! Jayme and I are always attending events together to further our knowledge of social media and marketing.

TBS: It takes balls to go out and start your own business – what was the final straw for you that said “now is the time?” 

JN: I was on my way to Bolivia and had just had a challenging couple months at work. I was frustrated and venting to my husband and he asked me, “What do you want to do?” It seems like an obvious question, but it was one I had not asked myself. As soon as he asked me I realized I wanted to start my own company and develop a group of clients that I really believe in.  

TBS: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned running your own business you

Neiter Creative - a new (and powerful) entrepreneur in Houston!

Neiter Creative – a new (and powerful) entrepreneur in Houston!

wish someone had told you earlier?

JN: Come up with a business plan. A five year plan and a ten year plan! Also get Quickbooks. It is key to know what you are making and what you are spending. (Someone did tell me this and I ignored them.. whoops!)

TBS: What is your driving force behind running your own business? What keeps you going?

JN: This is cheesy as shit, but my husband keeps me going. He is an unbelievably supportive man who believes in me and also happens to be quite sexy.

Editor’s Note: I can vouch for said sexiness… 

TBS: Since this is a sports column, I must ask…favorite team?

JN: Ummmm…. RAVENS! Duh. I am a Baltimore girl and I bleed purple with a hint of black and gold, because I also love the Saints.

TBS: A magazine, website or author you can’t put down?

JN: I love fashion magazines and am particularly obsessed with my friend Alyssa Vingan’s articles on Fashionista.com. Alyssa is smart, funny and so stylish. It is kind of annoying. I also love romance novels…the more scandalous the better!

TBS: Look in your bag – what’s the most random thing in there?

JN: A partially empty protein bistro box from Starbucks. And… it is from yesterday.

TBS: We are literally almost done with 2015 (shocking and scary!) – what is ONE goal you have for the remainder of the year?

JN: For the remainder of the year I am trying to be more present and focused. It is hard to not always be thinking about the next thing.

TBS: Halloween costume you’re most proud of? 

JN: My friend Michelle and I were angels and our “brother” Brian was God. We all bartended together at The Boot in New Orleans, and if you know anything about being a bartender or about The Boot in particular…it does give you a little God complex!

TBS: Moment you are most proud of?

JN: I am most proud of the moment I decided to head to New Orleans, La and attend Loyola University New Orleans. I was scared and nervous, which is often a sign you are about to do the right thing.

TBS: Anything you want to add? 

JN: I am so thankful for Jayme. Despite our immature humor, we have a very mature friendship and mutual respect.

TBS: How can The Blonde Side fans become fans of yours on social media? 

JN: @neitercreative on twitter, instagram, FB and pinterest

Sponsor: You can’t be as active (and ridiculously good looking) as Jo Neiter without some workout inspo and guess what? Spin is in. Thanks to studios and classes offered by places like RYDE Houston. Given both our busy schedules (and her tenaciousness to kick my butt at all things associated with sweating and working out), our next GIRLBOSS date will be a class at RYDE. Pick your class Jo, and let’s go!

Know someone we should profile in this Entrepreneur Excitement Series? Leave a comment below or shoot us an email – jayme @ theblondeside [.] com.