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Alpha Industries Review

3 Ways to Wear: Alpha Industries Helo Bomber Utility Jacket

3 Ways to Wear: Alpha Industries Helo Bomber Utility Jacket

I was recently turned on to Alpha Industries and their line of flight jackets and parkas. It took me forever to decide on a jacket, but I fell in love with the Helo Bomber Utility Jacket in Steel Blue (see what I did there, Texans fans?).

See the post directly on the Alpha Industries blog.

Look #1 – Layering is all the rage with the amount of travel I do and how quickly I go from hot to freezing cold in a matter of seconds. A pair of quality jeans are my weakness, rolled up with a pair of strappy heels and a flannel around my waist along with the oversized Helo Bomber Utility makes me feel incredibly comfortable, but still on point with trends.

Look #2 – I rarely get super dressed up, but I will rock a LBD (little black dress) pretty much any day of the week. Sticking with comfort and ease, a pair of ankle boots with a little heel keeps it girly and functional, and the Helo Bomber Utility brings it back down to a fun and flirty playing field.

Look #3 – As a sportswriter and always on the go, I love a simply graphic tee and Converse. The Helo Bomber Utility adds to the already sporty and comfortable look, giving it a little extra edge and personality, and the beanie helps hide the fact I had to get ready super fast. Bonus: all the extra pockets in the jacket make it an easy wear since I don’t always like carrying around a purse!

Thanks to Alpha Industries for featuring me on their blog. Lots of cool celebs rock these jackets, so hoping that up’s my cool factor just a tad.