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August: Luxury Handbag Obsession

On the go with BOTH of my new august bags

On the go with BOTH of my new august bags

I am literally always on the go (as you can see in this picture unable to stand still), which means I have to stuff a whole lot of things into bags so I’m prepared.

People call me the bag lady because I’m always transferring my “practical” purse items (wallet, lip gloss, sunglasses, etc.) in and out of my laptop bag as I’m either traveling or posted up at a coffeeshop or who knows where.

At any given time there are six bags hanging off my dining room chair because one is for the gym, one is for a fancy client meeting, another for a bar-hopping night with friends, and the list continues. I never had the perfect-for-everything kind of bag(s) until this Christmas!

This Christmas, I got one of the most practical gifts I’m just obsessed with. Thanks to Instagram, I met and fell in love with the luxury brand of handbags, august. And thanks to Santa, I got my very own!

All the reasons I love these bags and the august brand:

  1. PRACTICAL. The Camps Bay bag in black (the bigger one, which is on sale for 1/2 off!) was such a practical and lovely gift. I use it as my general laptop/carry-on bag while traveling. To go with that, I got The Ravello fold-over clutch, so it’s an easy-as-pie transition no matter where I’m headed. I put the clutch in the carry-on and when it’s time for dinner or to meet friends, I just grab the clutch and go. Both are so chic on their own, it’s the best way to dress up my usual yoga pants and oversized t-shirt look or jeans and messy bun.
  2. BAGS THAT GIVE BACK. It’s no secret I LOVE companies that give back and august most certainly does. After seeing a lack of educational opportunities as they traveled the world, the founders (Charles and Jenna) recognized a need for greater education on a
    Photo: Courtesy august Instagram

    Photo: Courtesy august Instagram

    global scale, and brought it back to their new home in LA. The duo has partnered with Operation School Bell to offer a backpack to underserved youth in Los Angeles for every august bag sold. Did you hear that? Buy yourself a luxury handbag (or a friend) and they will donate a backpack to a child in need in the Los Angeles area!

  3. WANDERLUST INSPIRED. As someone who works in both the travel and sports world, I love that these functional and amazing bags are based on the creator’s past travels. For example, The Ravello (the fold-over clutch above) has this description: I’m obsessed with all things Italian — it’s one of those majestic places that all roads seem to lead back to. This foldover clutch was inspired by our travel to the Italian Riveria and embodies the versatility of European life. Popping up to Milan for a meeting and then heading down the coast on the train for a romantic weekend is actually possible in Italy — and blows my mind every time. Sophisticated, practical and great to carry your iPad or other key essentials.
Photo: Courtesy august

Photo: Courtesy august (Founder Jenna | Villa D’Este in Lake Como, Italy)

Although when I think about it, I sort of feel like an underachiever. I travel to Spain and bring back a bottle of cava and new Instagram pictures. This pair is creating handbags to serve as memories and helping children in need. Kudos to them. 

In case you’re in the market for a new august handbag (who isn’t?), use code: BLONDESIDE20 for 20% off all orders, no expiration date. And go give their Instagram account a follow – it’ll up your wanderlust level 60% – not sure if that’s good or bad.