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2015: Bye Felicia

So long 2015

So long 2015

That’s right – goodbye 15, bring on the sweet 16.

My year-end recap has kind of become a thing – not that a lot of you care, but it’s always a time of reflection to write down the up’s and down’s and share them. Not to mention serve as a reminder to myself of things that went wrong and praise the things that went right.

I looked back at some of the goals I set for 2015 – I pretty much failed miserably at all of them. But that’s just part of life as our needs and wants change. And guess what? I’m totally OK with that.

One area I did hit the mark was travel. In 2014 I spent 262 days on the road and it wore me the hell out. I vowed that 2015 would be about traveling to bigger places I’ve never been, and hopefully out of the country more. Prior to 2015 I had only been to Mexico, Canada and the Bahamas. During 2015 I had the chance to visit Belize (x2), Bermuda, Spain, Honduras, Cozumel and Mazatlan (an incredibly unique area of Mexico).

This was another one of those years I can’t look back unequivocally and say this was a great year or a bust. As per usual, it was right in the middle, as I imagine many would say.

I definitely went through some pretty tough stuff this year – some of it too personal to share – but I can tell you it wasn’t all great. Sadly, 2015 reminded me there are still people out there that just completely suck and try to tear down your reputation and career. It’s a hard concept to grasp that small-minded people exist, and not just that, but you let them in your life. But it’s life. And we all have to deal with it – unfortunately. And hopefully learn from it. 

Since October, I’ve also battled some pretty gnarly health issues, which remain

Bye Felicia

Bye Felicia

unresolved. That doesn’t make for a pleasant year, but going through these tough times, I have realized who really cares about me and how thankful I am to have these people in my life. People that would drop anything and wait TWO HOURS in line at Krispy Kreme because you were craving it after surgery. Thanks Jennifer. 

2015 wasn’t all bad. Here are a few highlights:

One killer thing that happened was that I was granted the opportunity to be the guest editor for the first-ever sports issue for LOCAL Houston Magazine. In 19 years in business, I was their first guest editor EVER. Not only was it a learning experience, it was humbling.

I wrote a book. Not the memoir you’re all anxiously awaiting to read, but a children’s book with NFL veteran, Wade Smith, which will benefit The Wade Smith Foundation. The book is due out in print in March and I am beyond thrilled with this project and how it took shape.

Women’s Health Magazine named me a “Bona Fide Fitness Queen,” which was pretty badass and a huge compliment.

I secured some great new sponsorships and partnerships – one I’m really excited about heading into the New Year is working with Callaway Golf. Before you ask – I am not good. But that’s the point – I’m going to learn.

Greetings from the beaches in Spain

Greetings from the beaches in Spain

Believe it or not, I went on another cruise, even after my terrible incident with the Carnival Triumph a few years ago. And I had an absolute blast. Not only was it a blast (and I got a great tan), but I met some of the best girlfriends I could ever ask for. These girls will surely be friends for life, and for that I am so thankful. Even if we would have been forced to use red plastic bags, we would have figured out how to have fun.

I took a much needed and incredibly beautiful trip to Belize to reset my mind, my body and my goals and intentions. It’s a ladies-only trip that happens twice a year and I highly recommend it. (I also have a discount code if you’re interested – email me.)

I’ve already got one of the biggest and most unique projects of my career (the entrepreneur version of it) lined up, and I’m excited to share that VERY SOON.

So thanks to all of you that helped get me through 2015 – and for those of you that tried to bring me down – BYE FELICIA.

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