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EE Series: Tease Color & Style Bar/Roi Alan (3)

Roi Alan: Stylist/Owner at Tease Color & Style Bar in Houston

Roi Alan: Stylist/Owner at Tease Color & Style Bar in Houston

Entrepreneur Excitement Blog Series #3 – Tease Color & Style Bar with Roi Alan

Since I write a blog that uses my hair color as a descriptor, it should go without saying that I take my blonde very seriously – especially who I put in charge of keeping me blonde (no, it’s not all natural folks).

The man behind my coveted hair color? Roi Alan – Owner/Stylist of Tease Color & Style Bar located off Richmond and Kirby in Houston. Throughout my years of hair coloring and moving around the U.S., finding the perfect stylist has always been at the top of my list, and I seriously count my blessings for meeting Roi. Not only does he give me the best and longest-lasting blonde, he has become a friend over the years and someone I truly admire.

When I first met Roi, he was working at another salon. Like most stylists, they always gab about wanting to open their own salon, so I took Roi’s ramblings of “his future salon” with a grain of salt. Fast-forward just about a year later and his dreams became a beautiful and amazing reality when he opened Tease with his business partner (and equally talented) Travis Player. Together, these two guys rule the hair-colored streets. Take a look at our exclusive interview with Roi Alan: 

The Blonde Side: Approx. how long we’ve known each other?

Roi Alan: We met 4 years ago through mutual friends.

TBS: You’re sitting next to a 5-year-old on an airplane and they ask what you do for a living…

RA: Do you like playing with scissors and coloring all over the lines? That’s what I do all day.

TBS: Tell me what’s unique about your job? 

RA: I have the ability to make people who come sit in my chair with real world problems and issues feel great about themselves when they spin around and look in the mirror.

TBS: Do you have any funny or unique Jayme moments to recount? 

RA: I love how she is able to draw people in, she has a glow that makes everyone want to be around her.

TBS: Describe your personal style: 

RA: When it comes to hairstyles I like to be more conservative, but my personal style is much more fashion forward.

TBS: The most underrated thing about Houston?

RA: Houston is always looked over; people act like Dallas is the big city in Texas. We have world class dining, amazing nightlife, brilliant museums, a better football team and me.

TBS: You have the tough job of keeping The Blonde Side, blonde. What’s important for those who dye their hair blonde to remember?

RA: Being a blonde isn’t something that just happens over night, and it isn’t for everyone. There are so many different tones and shades, so you have to make sure your stylist picks the correct one for you.

TBS: Give us one hair hack that will literally change our lives?

RA: A leave-in conditioner that has a heat protectant like Nectar Thermique is vital. I can’t tell you how many times I have had girls sitting in my chair that had melted off hair from flat ironing without one.

TBS: What does supporting local Houston folks mean to you?

RA: It means the most. I always try to support local businesses because owning a business is hard and being successful is harder. I would rather take care of my neighbors then save a few dollars.

TBS: You run your own business (which is the point of this series!) – what was the final straw to say “I can do this on my own?” 

RA: I felt like I was putting so much work and effort into someone else’s company and unable to achieve the vision I had for myself.

TBS: What’s your driving force behind running your business? I know firsthand it’s hard as balls, but what keeps you going? 

RA: My vision, it’s the salon I’ve always wanted, not just for me but for my clients.

TBS: Best advice you’ve ever been given but ignored?

RA: To compromise – it took me a long time to realize that I don’t always have to get my way.

TBS: If there was a reality show about you, what channel would it be on?

RA: Cartoon Network!?! HAHA No, probably E! or Bravo

TBS: Favorite sports teams? 

RA: Texans of course

TBS: A magazine, website or author you can’t put down? 

RA: Oprah, she’s done it all and been successful in everything.

TBS: Personally I’m not a huge believer in New Year’s Resolutions, but I am one for

Roi chatting it up with another happy client

Roi chatting it up with another happy client

setting goals. What’s your next immediate goal?

RA: To better utilize the space we have at the salon, in order to allow for more employees. We will start renovations early this year.

TBS: Last big purchase you made?

RA: Well I didn’t purchase them, but my brother brought me back a pair of BRIGHT red Prada Hightops that are sure to stop traffic!

TBS: Moment you are most proud of? 

RA: The opening day of the salon, we only had 3 weeks to fully build out an empty space so it was a CRAZY 3 weeks, but once the first clients were in the chairs it felt amazing.

TBS: You have two plane tickets in the world: where are you going and who are you taking?

RA: Bora Bora, I would take Travis Player, my best friend and business partner.

TBS: Fill in the blank: I wish more people in the world would smile.

TBS: For me (and most sports fans), Sunday Funday is all about football. What’s your perfect Sunday look like?

RA: Starts off with brunch at La Strada, then Chrome in the afternoon, with the night ending at Escobar. If they were all still open of course. : (

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