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EE Series: The Foodie Chef | Morgan Jankovic (6)

Morgan J. | The Foodie Chef

Morgan Jankovic | The Foodie Chef

Entrepreneur Excitement Blog Series #6 – The Foodie Chef with Morgan Jankovic

We’ve all been guilty of it – stalking someone on social media. Whether it’s a hot guy or girl you’ve got your eye on, or just someone with good fashion taste, or maybe it’s someone like Morgan Jankovic who is constantly making you wish you were born with the innate ability to perform in the kitchen.

Check out The Blonde Side’s exclusive interview with this deliciously talented gal who likely shares the same DNA with Martha Stewart and every other good cook in America…

The Blonde Side: Tell us who you are?

Morgan Jankovic: Morgan Jankovic, Personal Chef

TBS: How did we meet?

MJ: We met through Instagram when you asked for my chicken pot pie recipe!

Editor’s note: which is amazing, by the way!

TBS: Tell me about your job?

MJ: I’m a personal chef who makes personalized, healthy weekly meals most of the time. I also make cupcakes & cakes for birthdays and cook intimate dinner parties.

TBS: Since I talk about fitness and being on the move so much, what’s an easy (healthy) recipe you can share? (By easy, I mean less than five ingredients, for us rookies…)

MJ: My black bean and chickpea chili is filling, delicious, and simple!

TBS: You run your own business (which is the point of this series!) – what was the final straw to say “I can do this on my own?” 

MJ: I was working at a corporate job and felt very boxed in and under challenged. I had been cooking for a customer before that position and finally realized I could do it full-time. It was really scary but with the support of my husband and family, I was able to do it!

TBS: What’s your driving force behind running your business? I know firsthand it’s hard as balls, but what keeps you going? 

MJ: My customers. They need their weekly meals and it gives me great pleasure to be able to provide healthy fulfilling meals to them!

TBS: Best advice you’ve ever been given but ignored?

MJ: Kiss, keep it simple stupid. It’s the truth!

TBS: If there was a reality show about you, what channel would it be on?

MJ: The Food Network or Cooking Channel! My husband has a video production company so we’ve dabbled in making a few cooking videos that are sexy to say the least.

TBS: Favorite sports teams? 

MJ: Texans, no question about it.

TBS: A magazine, website or author you can’t put down? 

MJ: Are podcasts included? If so, Serial is amazing. I can’t. stop. listening.

TBS: Look in your bag right now – what’s the most random thing in there? 

MJ: A bunch of receipts. I end up putting them in a folder but usually forget to take them out for a few days. It makes for a messy purse that I’m not proud of.

TBS: 2016 is here – what’s ONE goal you have?

MJ: When I first started my business my husband put a picture of Dory, the fish, from Finding Nemo, in our bathroom. It had her tag line “Just keep swimming” and was a true inspiration to look at everyday. I highly recommend looking at a saying daily that inspires you. So, my goal is to just keep swimming!

TBS: Favorite part of your job?

MJ: Making my own hours though I end up working odd hours too. I don’t mind doing it!

TBS: Moment you are most proud of? 

MJ: Taking the leap to open my own business and quit my consistent paying job.

TBS: You have two plane tickets anywhere in the world: where are you going and

TheFoodieChef.com - Check It Out

TheFoodieChef.com – Check It Out

who are you taking?

MJ: I love to travel! My husband and I really want to go to Argentina! We’re looking into planning a trip soon.

TBS: Fill in the blank:

MJ: I wish more people in this world would be more open minded and understanding. There’s nothing more cold than an uncompassionate person.

TBS: For me (and most sports fans), Sunday Funday is all about football. What’s your perfect Sunday look like?

MJ: Grocery shopping for Monday’s big cook and watching the Texan’s with my husband.

TBS: Your social media channels?

Instagram: TheFoodieChef | Youtube: TheFoodieChef | Twitter: @thefoodiechef

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