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Netflix: All The Love

Saving I Love You With Netflix

Saving I Love You With Netflix

February is the month of love.
[Yay for a blog taking time to state the obvious.]
Maybe life is more than just “Netflix and Chill?”
But all kidding aside, Netflix has become a part of many people’s lives, including my own. Who am I kidding? I’m kind of obsessed with it (I am just now watching Breaking Bad…).
I’ve heard for years that everyone has their own love language, and this infographic (courtesy of Netflix) kind of makes me think my love language is, well, Netflix?
And apparently “Netflix Official” is a thing. Maybe even bigger than the whole “In a Relationship” Facebook status…
According to a recent Netflix survey, 51% of respondents feel that sharing their Netflix account is a very big step toward a ‘serious’ relationship. And, a majority say that they wait until they are dating exclusively to do so.
Some additional highlights from the data include:
  • 65% of respondents engage in some sort of negotiation on picking shows, with 35% of those trading show for show (“watch one of mine, and I’ll watch one of yours”).
  • Stream Together, Stay Together. Among the top reasons why couples watch shows or movies together:
    • 60% of Netflix members say that it’s simply more fun to watch shows together
    • 58% say that they bond with their significant other over Netflix
    • 30% like learning new things about each other through shows
See here the entire fun infographic outlining these ‘streaming’ stages by the numbers. What are your thoughts? How many of you share your Netflix password?