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All you need is love. And yoga pants. See what I did there?

I’m obsessed with these GOLDSHEEP love leggings – they are the absolute softest pants I’ve ever put on. I first saw them on Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram page (she was sporting The Bachelor edition – the ones spotted on People) and I instantly fell in love, but I had NO IDEA just how soft they’d be!

Another thing I love about these leggings? The team makes them WHEN YOU ORDER THEM. I know they get a ton of orders, so I’m not sure from a productive standpoint it makes a ton of sense, but I love the fact that my leggings are made with love and with me in mind!

The brand is made for those who stand out in a crowd. Is that you? It’s definitely me (which is not always a good thing in my world!), and these just all around are amazing. GOLDSHEEP is designed by Keri Wilson, who has “unconventional” creativity. Though I’ve never met Keri, I would like to think we’d be automatic BFF’s if we ever got the chance to hang.

Goldsheep is inspired by the special uniqueness people have inside them but most importantly by Keri’s Grandmother, Shirley who embodies individuality and independence- who IS the ultimate GOLDSHEEP.

This is the kind of company who stays so up on trends, that I kind of (ok really) obsessively follow and check their pages to see what’s coming.

Check out their website, order some leggings and follow them on Instagram (tell them your friend at The Blonde Side sent you). Now go be sheep…