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Rainy Day Run // Bright Walls

A rainy run calls for a bright wall

A rainy run calls for a bright wall

When you’re committed to running or training for a race, the rain (and other outdoor elements like snow – something we aren’t used to here in Texas) can be a nuisance and easy deterrence.

Um, it’s rainy. I can skip today. Who’s said that before? [Raises hand.]

My solution? Find a good Pandora station to jam to (mine is still Lionel Richie believe it or not), get some great scenery (like this great art wall in EADO), and just take off.

Running has quite a few crazy misconceptions. Like you have to belong to a gym. You have to have a running partner. You have to be a “good runner.” (By the way, how do you define what a good runner is and who came up with that definition?) You have to have the best and brand new shoes on the market. You have to know exactly where you’re going.

All BS. And here’s why: I don’t currently belong to a gym. I don’t always have a running partner (although it’s nice). I am definitely not a “good runner” but I try my hardest, which is really the key. I do have some of the best and brand new shoes on the market (thanks New Balance), but sometimes I forget to pack them and just grab the oldest/dirtiest pair lying around in my car.

A few of my personal tips to get going or keep going:

  • Keep the gear with you. I always keep running shoes and clothes with me. Whether in the car or packing when I am traveling, even for just a short time. I guarantee the one time you’ll want to run is the one time you won’t have your gear.
  • Make it social. Even if it’s just a brisk walk, invite a friend (or a different one each week) for a walk to chat and catch up. Or join a running club – there are tons of them in every city and many of them even enjoy a pint of cold beer afterwards!
  • Try to make it a habit. I’m not saying run 10 miles everyday, but if you can get yourself to run at the same spot and around the same time each day, you’ll notice a routine, like passing many of the same runners each day. It’s almost a level of accountability.
  • Feel like a runner. I typically run farther and take my running more seriously when I look the part. If I’m decked out in some fancy running clothes and shoes and people pass by me, I want to look the part and not like a phony!
  • Set a goal that works for you. For me, I tend to feel more “accomplished” when I run a long distance without stopping, which is usually my goal in running half marathons. For others, it’s how fast they can run a mile or a certain distance. For others, it’s how many days a week they lace up and for some, it’s doing it for a particular amount of time.
  • Use the Nike Training Club app. I love being able to track my times and distances and it even asks you to pick an emoji that sums up your workout for the day (mine usually equals meh). Some people like Map My Run or other running/fitness apps.
  • Sign up for a race. Preferably one that’s for a good cause. Plus: see link below if you’re in Houston!

If you’re looking for something to train for and get moving, join The Blonde Side’s team for the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation 5k April 10th (or consider donating a few bucks to the cause). We’ll have runners and walkers of all levels (and strollers are welcome, so that’s no excuse!).

What running tips do you have to share or trails do you love running in Houston?

Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography