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Reset Retreat (Belize) DISCOUNT

Check out this women's only wellness and yoga retreat in Belize

Check out this women’s only wellness and yoga retreat in Belize

This time last year, I was experiencing a life-changing experience in Belize, with Reset Retreat.

Since I had such an amazing time, they have extended an offer to me that I had to pass along to my readers to experience this incredible women’s personal growth and yoga retreat. It’s in a beautiful beachside villa and is all-inclusive with daily life coaching and yoga, a private chef, Belize explorations and more. 

The next trip is November 1 – 6, and I may just sign up again, fingers crossed!

For early bird pricing, you can sign up and use code JAYME300 for $500 off your trip! Plus, if you’re coming from Texas, Southwest has amazing deals on flights to Belize. 

*And guys, just a tip: if you have a lovely lady in your life (wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, etc.) that deserves or needs a trip like this, I highly recommend this. You will received bonus points for the rest of eternity for this idea and thoughtfulness.*

To sum up my trip to Belize and experience with all that Reset Retreat offers:

  • Belize is an amazingly gorgeous place and super easy to escape to from Houston.
  • Yes, I said escape, because that’s what a beautiful island like Belize can do for you – make you feel like you can escape real life while simultaneously focus on fixing or resetting what it is you need to.
  • I met some amazing girlfriends, some of which I consider my closest friends. We may not have hung out since our trip, but they hold a special place in my heart and have shared some of life’s toughest and most glorious journeys.
  • Spending “girl’s only” time is seriously badass. You learn so much about yourself through such an experience.
  • You learn to love (or respect) alone time. This trip showed me that alone time shouldn’t be scary or looked down upon – it’s an amazing and limited experience for all of us.
  • Swimming with sharks (or rather, jumping on top of them) is just as scary as it sounds.
  • Women aren’t nearly as judgmental as you think. Maybe it was the setting provided by the island and Reset Retreat, but it was such an honest and trustworthy space.
  • WE ALL NEED TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON. Your life, emotions, physical ability, mental capacity, heart and much more are just like a computer – IT NEEDS TO BE TURNED OFF EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE.

Also, here’s my article after my experience, posted on GirlsGetaway.