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The Blonde Side’s 3 (Quick) Fitness Secrets

TRX Training // Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography

TRX Training // Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography

A lot of people ask how I work out & stay active since I’m always traveling (each year I spend between 100 – 260 days on the road), so I wanted to quickly share three of my favorite fitness secrets:

1. THIS “Hit The Deck” game that is by far my favorite (and you can usually kill a good workout in 15 mins)
2. TRX Training – love them, obsessed. Hook them up to a parking garage (check), a palm tree (check), in your garage (check) and much more!
3. The new IGNITE DVD from Women’s Health – many people probably don’t use DVD’s anymore or have DVD players, but my laptop has a DVD slot, so it’s easy to take on the road with me. Purchase yours today. 
Now it’s your turn – what are your tricks to staying fit – whether during a busy week or while traveling?