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Win Final Four Tickets

#PayItFourward with AT&T

#PayItFourward with AT&T

I’ve always been a big fan of handwritten thank you notes and March Madness, so this contest that AT&T is running for the Final Four is at the top of my list.

Tell a friend, family member or co-worker “thank you” for something special they did for you and you could win Final Four – Houston tickets for you and that friend. 

Simply go here to enter and good luck! (To you for winning the tickets and your favorite NCAA team!)

Plus, I have to admit, an intense basketball game is a great way to step up your friendship with someone.

Since I said this contest is at the top of my list, it only seems logical I enter as a way of saying thank you to someone in my life (trust me, I owe a lot of thank you’s).

I would say thanks to my friend Jo Neiter for her genuine excitement to collaborate on things as a team of female entrepreneurs and just always looking out, whether it be sharing ideas or contacts, collaborating on sports-related graphics, or just being an encouraging friend. Plus she’s blonde. And since this column is called The Blonde Side, that certainly helps.

Jo’s kind of the jane-of-all-trades in the friendship world – the one who’s up for pretty much anything – a run around the park to burn some calories, a brainstorming session, networking events, and most definitely a fun gal pal to attend any sporting event with!

Follow along on social media with their hashtag: #PayItFourward

*This was a sponsored post. The Blonde Side is in no way part of this contest or selecting the winners.