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Pearland Golf Club

The Blonde Side at Pearland Golf Club at Country Place | Outfit: Lizzie Driver

The Blonde Side at Pearland Golf Club at Country Place | Outfit: Lizzie Driver

Living in the burbs (just temporarily), I realized one of the perks are all all the great golf courses I know have access to, which is amazing!

Last week I played a round at the newly renovated Pearland Golf Club at Country Place, and I’m hooked. Certainly not because I played well on the course, because I did not, but it’s just an amazing spot right in the heart of my new ‘hood. And they say practice makes perfect, so you’ll probably see me there quite frequently!

Aside from the beautiful and newly renovated 18-hole course, I loved the overall vibe there. But you’ll probably laugh at me. It’s a semi-private course (memberships available, but it’s still open to the public) and in the midst of a 55+ retirement community. Those are my people. They are so friendly, not in a rush, and always eager to talk with you and be present (I didn’t see a single cell phone amongst any of the regulars!). The members are proud of their course, as they should be, and they are a treat to greet on the course, at the driving range, or grabbing a beer or burger at the clubhouse. Quite a few of them talked about their favorite new features of the course, what to watch out for, etc.

If you played the course before, you have to come check out the upgrades – it’s definitely more challenging and the ponds and other things they’ve added is downright stunning. Those beautiful ponds also happen to be the new owner of about ten of my lost golf balls, too.

The club also offers some pretty unique events that I hope to partake in very soon – things like couples golf (that could be torture for some of us though, right?), tournaments and much more. The club is definitely appealing to female golfers – whether you’re new to the game (PS – come take lessons with me and Izzy, the GM!), or a seasoned pro. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a course with more females throughout, it was definitely refreshing. And a reminder that I’m nowhere near as good as 99% of them.

The course is open to the public and just 15 minutes from downtown Houston (off 288), so even if you don’t live in the burbs like I do, it’s an easy place to visit.

Pro tip: come hungry and get a fat, juicy burger at the Tee Box Grill. It’s super cheap, has won some incredible awards, and lives up to all the hype. (Read: well worth the calories.)

PS: if you’re a female golfer (or know one), check out Lizzie Driver (what I’m wearing in the photo above) for the absolute most amazing golf clothes, ever. Check out the blog post I did on their line a while ago.