OMARKASE - Houston's Thursday night dinner spot!

OMARKASE – Houston’s Thursday night dinner spot!

Not only did I finally get to check out one of Houston’s hottest new seafood spots, I was able to do it in style – OMARKASE style.

Named after PESKA’s very young and very talented (very funny, too) chef, Omar, this is a Thursday night eight-course dinner + drink pairing that will blow your mind.

The event, which takes place every Thursday evening, by reservation only, is a unique and unprecedented way to try out features that aren’t on the menu. You know the kind – the ones chefs are dying to create, but the restaurant isn’t creating new menus for another few months?!

You’ll be sat at a table with other food lovers (what better way to get to know your Houston neighbors), unless you book a reservation for you and a bunch of friends, which happens quite often, and the chef and his team will bring out new features that pair well with unique cocktails, wines and even beers. Chef Omar will interact with you, get your feedback, and if you’re lucky, he’ll sit down and have a drink with you after all his hard-work has been eaten.

Next time you’re in charge of making Thursday night dinner plans – whether with clients or to surprise your sweetie – this will put you at the top of your game with whoever you invite. I promise. 

If you are interested in attending an Omarkase dinner or a private event, Dante Laugier, the event manager, will take great care of you. Call him 832.215.8736 or email him

Where seafood meets culture. Cheers.

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