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April: 5 Things

Set yourself a bedtime alarm (Photo: babble)

Set yourself a bedtime alarm (Photo: babble)

Here are the five things I’m going to aim for this month – who’s in to join me?

  1. Set a bedtime during the week and stick with it. Try this for the entire month. Even if you don’t fall asleep at that time (which will be annoying, I’ll admit), turn off your phone and your TV and just plan to unwind and keep your fingers crossed.
  2. Change up your workout routine, or at least do something this month if you’ve found yourself really stagnant. Keep it simple – try a  new class you’ve never done before (I’ve never done barre, so I’ll probably try that), or run a new trail or download a new app.
  3. Organize that junk drawer in your house or at your desk. (Or ladies, if you prefer, organize your makeup bag.) Give everything a place, throw out all the old things, and find out what the hell has been in there for all these months you’ve spent looking for it.
  4. Bleach Towel DIY is my next little project (I’m assuming it’s not possible to mess this up,
    Beach Towel DIY from LSpace

    Bleach Towel DIY from LSpace

    right?). I love reading the L*Space blog (my favorite bikinis) and I saw them post this little DIY tutorial, so it’s on my list. Plus, who doesn’t love a beach towel that makes your own personal statement?

  5. Schedule that thing you’ve been putting off. Is it a dentist appointment, a check-up at your doctor, scheduling a meeting with your CPA (yay for tax season!) or even just a long overdue dinner invitation to an old friend. Go do it. Sync up your calendars and make it happen.