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Brunch Game Strong: PESKA

The brunch game is strong here

The brunch game is strong here

Probably one of the strongest brunch games here in Houston has to go to PESKA. I’ll admit – brunch here is a little pricey. Until you realize everything you’re getting and the quality.

I’m typically a french toast and bacon kind of brunch gal, but every so often it’s a good thing to step out of your culinary comfort zone and that’s what brunch at PESKA was. For starters, it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT. Yes, all you can eat. Challenge accepted.

Brunch at PESKA is set up very uniquely with different stations, but in my opinion, this is not a buffet. Yes, all you can eat it great, but all of the food is prepared right in front of you and you can get it made exactly how you want it. There are at least four different kinds of ceviche, and if one of them has one tiny ingredient you don’t like, just ask nicely and the staff will make you a special one.

They have a raw bar (fresh market oysters for days!), jumbo shrimp, crab, french toast, pancakes, eggs benedict and so much more. Probably one of the best things about my previous experiences at PESKA is how incredibly knowledgable the staff is. When it comes to seafood and certain fish, sometimes I don’t know the difference, but they are always so quick to explain and give wine pairing recommendations, etc.

Plus, bottomless mimosas and sangria are only $6, so go ahead and splurge. You deserve it.



Oh, and they have a dessert table with about 20 different homemade desserts to choose from. This Sunday Funday was well worth every single calorie I put into my body and I can’t wait to do it again!

Brunch is only on Sundays from 11a – 3:30p and I recommend you get there early and stay as long as you can. Seriously, the seats are cushioned, so kick back and relax and get up 20 times for refills. The staff won’t judge you – I already tested out this theory, trust me! 

Click here for their full menu and scroll down to Brunch Menu.

PESKA is also a fantastic spot for a dinner date in Houston.

If you are interested in attending an Omarkase dinner or a private event, Dante Laugier, the event manager, will take great care of you. Call him 832.215.8736 or email him dante@peska.us.