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May: 5 Things

Marfa, Texas (photo: Instyle.com)

Marfa, Texas (photo: Instyle.com)

Here are the five things I’m going to aim for this month (May) – who’s in to join me?

  1. Plan a Texas getaway. I’m super guilty of telling people that I like Houston but I love Texas, but it’s the truth. I’ve visited quite a few places in Texas that I love (Austin still has my top vote), but I know there is so much more to venture out into and Texas has some of the damn cutest bed and breakfasts, so that’s my mission for May. The tricky part is that my boyfriend doesn’t get much vacation time, so it needs to be within 2-4 hours of Houston. Any suggestions? (My last real Texas getaway was this trip to San Antonio.)
  2. Buy two new books. Here’s the thing as a writer myself: I read so much (and I’m not afraid to put down a book I just can’t get into, my time is too precious and there are too many good reads out there) that it gets expensive. The writer in me wants to support other writers by buying more books, but it’s tough. Then I realized this. I’m not afraid to spend $35 every 2-3 weeks on a mani/pedi or get a new pair of sandals from Target (because, I literally think anything I guy at Target is deemed as a necessity), so why not spend that same amount on reading and bettering my mind and myself? Boom – now hit me with your book suggestions.
  3. Buy an outfit or piece of clothing outside my norm. This month sounds like I plan to spend a lot of money already (oops!) but I notice that my wardrobe is all pretty much the same. I have a ton of amazing workout clothes and some great party dresses for special occasions (like a wedding or social event), but I don’t have anything that is cute and fun for a Friday night dinner date or just an afternoon.
  4. Make money selling what I have. In a way to declutter, simplify life and hopefully make a few extra bucks, I’m going to try to find stuff already in my apartment that I can sell (or at least donate). It was initially prompted by this theeverygirl.com post, but also by how much crap I have just laying around. One of the great perks I have in this line of work is getting sent a ton of stuff to review, wear for social media, test out, etc. That means I have way too many *barely worn* running shoes, headbands, bluetooth speakers, gym bags and more. So stay tuned for my eBay account or follow me on social media to see it.
  5. Crunch the numbers. I typically only assess how much money I make and spend at the end of the year or when it comes around to tax time (PS – I do not like doing taxes, at all, but who really does?). The month of May means we are five months into the year, and that’s a great time to look at the numbers – see where my money is going (is it being wasted anywhere, are there stores I should avoid, etc.) and what kind of money is coming in. As a business-owner, I am responsible for invoicing my clients, but I’m also responsible for keeping track of them. Often times my outlets and sponsors forget to pay or a check gets lost in the mail – doing a number crunch in May will help me stay on top of all that.

Here’s a look back at my April: 5 Things and March: 5 Things.

Got an idea for June: 5 Things? Shoot me an email (jayme@theblondeside.com) or leave a comment below.