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BMW 428i Weekend in Houston

BMW West gave us a 428i convertible for weekend fun

BMW West gave us a 428i convertible for weekend fun

One of the few cons of being a writer and running your own business is that the weekends are typically my busiest times. This past weekend was no different, except it was a little more fun, thanks to my partnership with BMW of West Houston – they hooked me up with a 2016 428i convertible to help make working the weekend a little more exciting (and faster!).

Plus, in my personal effort to love Houston a little more, it’s nice spending a weekend enjoying some of the best parts and hanging out with friends.

Here’s a quick glimpse at my weekend:

As soon as I got the car, I picked up my friend to cruise around and have some fun. Friday night we went and saw Green River Ordinance at Firehouse Saloon and I have to say, I am a big fan of them. I hadn’t heard much about GRO before and they were fantastic and put on a great show. If you’ve never been to Firehouse, it’s a great place to catch LIVE Texas country music.

Saturday afternoon I headed off to HBU for the 10th annual Moran Norris Foundation football camp, which was free to kids. Hundreds of kids braved the hot Houston temps to take advantage of the camp (they lasted outside much longer than I did!).

Sunday night was the Follow Me To The Stars Gala, put on by the Moran Norris Foundation, with Herm Edwards as the evening’s keynote speaker. Click here to read about the entire weekend with this great foundation on Culture Map.

Herm Edwards and The Blonde Side at the Moran Norris Foundation Gala, June 2016 (Photo Courtesy: Troy Fields)

Herm Edwards and The Blonde Side at the Moran Norris Foundation Gala, June 2016 (Photo Courtesy: Troy Fields)

My review of the 428i convertible:

Houston is super hot, but if you go for a nighttime drive, having the top down on this fun and fast car is a treat! (As long as you have a ponytail holder!)

And with the unpredictable Houston weather changing every 10 seconds, it’s nice that the top will go up or down in just 20 seconds.  (Technically you can lower or raise the top if you’re going under 11MPH, but since I was just borrowing it, I didn’t want to chance it. I hope my insurance company is reading this!)

Inspired by the 3 Series, the 428i is the first ever convertible to offer xDrive, which—paired with a hardtop that exudes coupe style—makes this one convertible that performs all year round. And yes, that includes any and all Houston weather.

The gas mileage (combined 24MPG) wasn’t too bad for such a sporty car. I did all of my weekend driving (much more than usual) in just one tank.

Talk about fast! I never thought fast cars were my thing, but being able to go 0-60 in 5.2 seconds is insane. This is definitely the sportiest open-top car on the road. Not to mention the sportiest car I’ve ever driven.

Now that I’m a seasoned pro at the 428i, here are two tips: keep sunscreen and a hat in the car. You’ll need it! 

Stop by BMW of West Houston today to check out this fast ride. From now until September 30th, they are donating $50 to Houston Children’s Charity for every single test drive. So if your significant other gripes that you shouldn’t be test driving new cars, tell them it’s for charity!