Run10Feed10 blog post on Runtastic

Run10Feed10 blog post on Runtastic

The Blonde Side was recently interviewed for the Runtastic blog. For those who don’t know about Runtastic, it’s a health and fitness community and is an all-around awesome app, that will help keep you on track.

This interview and blog post was part of our involvement with Women’s Health Magazine as an Action Hero.

Read the blog post:

I am lucky to live in a great community like Houston – one that is an active running community and loves giving back to various charities. RUN 10 FEED 10 has been a perfect match. I have been blessed to be a part of this charity run for the past four years, and have seen how it has impacted children and families right in my own neighborhood.

(Click here to read the rest on the Runtastic blog)

To join the Houston Run10Feed10 event, click here to sign up and use code WHLAMM for a discount. The 5k is Saturday, October 15th.

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  1. Mavrick
    Mavrick says:

    Alltid lika fint som vanligt hos dig. Men det är bara en sak jag undrar över! Hur kan du säga att det är osdaÃt¤t och opiffat? Allt är ju sÃ¥ rent och sÃ¥ fint! Om du kallar ert hus ostädat sÃ¥ har du inte sett hur det kan se ut hemma hos oss! ( Fniss )

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