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Women’s Health Magazine (online)

The Blonde Side selected as a Women's Health Magazine Action Hero (TBS photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

The Blonde Side selected as a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero (TBS photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

July 2016: Women’s Health Magazine (online content)

The Blonde Side was selected as a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero for the fifth straight year (every year since this program first began!).

Take a look at the interview below and click here to see the original online piece of all 61 Action Heroes. (Note: my age is listed incorrectly, but I’ll never tell ūüôā )¬†
Every year, the¬†Women’s Health¬†team handpicks¬†a group of¬†fitfluencers we call our¬†Action Heroes. This year’s ladies are active both fitness-wise and in their communities‚ÄĒnot to mention, they’re just totally awesome people. We want you to get to know them, too! So scroll on down for a meet and greet with these 61 special women.

Jayme Lamm | The Blonde Side

What she does: Sports + Travel + Fitness Writer
What she wants you to know:¬†I have worked for myself as a writer/blogger/social media influencer for the past six years and it is equally the most exhilarating and difficult thing I’ve ever done. In no particular order, I am proud of my faith, my¬†bikini¬†collection, my ability to recount the most random and useless sports statistics known to man (or woman!), my sarcastic wit and my love for the Lord.
The dish she can whip-up with chef-level skills:¬†Spinach & Ricotta Lasagna (don’t test me without the¬†recipe¬†though!)
Her favorite food to indulge in: DONUTS (and champagne Рdoes champagne count as a food? If not, it should.)
Her mantra:¬†You can’t always do the right thing, but you should always try.
Best work or¬†workout¬†advice received:¬†If you have a spare 10 minutes, that’s enough for a¬†workout.