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Smile with Strength

View More: http://sarahvanderfordphotography.pass.us/lamm-16It seems every couple years in life, I kind of redefine what I think (notice how I didn’t say what others think) gives me strength and confidence.
At one time it was actually being physically fit, working out, and having a strong body. I felt confident and strong and unstoppable.
At another point in my life, I felt that strength and confidence were very closely tied to my work, my job title, and my salary. If I was making enough money to live comfortably, I felt confident in what I was doing.
But one thing that has made me feel confident no matter what stage of my life I’m in has been my smile
Sure it’s not a perfect smile, but it gives me strength and confidence. Maybe it smile-quote-by-marilyn-monroe was one of those smile quotes we’ve been hearing since we were kids (“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”), but a smile goes a long way. 
And keeping my smile healthy and bright is why I’ve partnered with Colgate so I can continue to #SmilewithStrength, through all of life’s ups and downs and inconsistencies (because trust me, there are plenty).
Check out Smile with Strength for info, including some pretty rad workouts and tips.
*This post was part of The Blonde Side’s involvement as a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero. This post was sponsored by Colgate, but the opinions represented are my own.