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The Art of the Handwritten Note

Maya Brenner State Series Notecards (photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

Maya Brenner State Series Notecards (photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

In my world, thank you notes are a given, but any handwritten note is just a signal of someone else taking time to say hello, that they were thinking of you.

I’m a big fan of handwritten notes – even if it says nothing but “hello, I  miss you!”

And once again, my Texas pride has gotten hold of me and I am just plain ole obsessed with these State Series notecards from Maya Brenner.

I’m a believer that a cute set of stationary, a good writing pen, and a warm cup of coffee can really set the tone for sending handwritten notes. I usually plop down at my coffee table, with my dogs by my side (usually bothering me) and an inspirational coffee mug filled to the brim.

I typically spend about 20 – 3o minutes writing out letters to my friends, my family and even sometimes new editors I am trying to pitch. We live in a world we’re so accustomed to getting thousands of emails and the only “real” mail we get these days, as adults, are bills. BOO.

Here are just a few reasons to send a simple handwritten note:

  • To say thank you
  • To say I’m thinking of you 
  • To say get well
  • To say congrats
  • To let someone know some good news
  • To let someone know they are awesome – you never know when a positive note might hit their mailbox. In my experience, I get the best mail at the worst times – usually thanks to one of my best friends, Sarah. (Plus, she usually sends gummy bears or gummy worms or some variation of s’mores and that’s just awesome too.)

(If you recognize the name, Maya Brenner is also where I got my Texas gold necklace, that I never-ever take off.)