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How To Lazy Sunday

Couch: Apt2b (Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

Furniture: Apt2b (Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

Some people just don’t know how to be lazy and useless – and I kind of feel bad for them. Since I’m so good at being lazy, especially on Sundays, I thought I’d dedicate a post sharing exactly “how to lazy Sunday.” Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below.

Full disclosure – I try to go to church every Sunday, so my “lazy Sunday” usually begins once I’m home from church.

Put on comfy clothes. During NFL season, I love wearing an old Eagles sweatshirt, even though it remains around 80 degrees in Houston. I’m a sucker for ugly and baggy sweatpants, but I will always pretend I’m wearing amazing yoga pants when I just lounge around. I don’t know anyone with two dogs who wears nice yoga pants when just being lazy – do you?

Grab a pillow and a blanket and get comfy on your massive couch, big enough for two people if you must share.

Bring snacks and water to your coffee table, so you don’t have to get up, except to go to the bathroom or refill your snacks.

Keep your phone charger nearby, so you can recharge if you start playing too many games or checking your fantasy points.

Or better yet – turn your phone off. You’re being lazy, right?

If you’re watching football, be sure to record the game (or games) you’re watching. If you get comfortable and lazy like I do, you will definitely end up falling asleep for at least an hour. So record the games so you can quickly scan back and see any big plays you missed. If you’re not in to sports, start recording Lifetime Movies and fast forward through the commercials – you’ll be able to knock out at least four good movies on a Sunday afternoon!

Order pizza or takeout. I’m a big fan of FAVOR (it’s a delivery service) – if you haven’t already, download the app and get your favorite food (even cookies!) delivered straight to your doorstep.

Move your entire setup to your bedroom and call it a night. 

Boom – now that’s how you lazy Sunday, is it not?

Since I moved to The Millennium Kirby back in August, being lazy on Sundays has really become my jam. I have no problem getting comfy and wasting the entire day – getting ready for the new week. SPONSORED