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Décor Ideas For The Win (Apt2B)

Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography (table: DIY project, furniture: Apt2b)

Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography (table: DIY project, furniture: Apt2b)

This post is an adaptation from a blog collaboration with Apt2B, from “The Couple in 2D”

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow I was born without the fashion, makeup, cooking or creating and decorating gene. I can throw a softball faster and further than most, I know more plays and schemes for the NFL than most, but when it comes to decorating my apartment, I am at an utter and complete loss. And now that we have moved into The Millennium Kirby, which is an uber chic apartment complex in Houston, I want the furniture and decor to really be on point.

So I did what any normal girl would do – I spent hours and hours scouring the Internet. And here’s what I found – I like a lot of random stuff including, but limited to: pale colors, bold colors, whites and nudes, bohemian and Texas and ranch-inspired things.

Needless to say, my tastes are all across the board, but here are some things I found helpful during the decorating process:

–       I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram and there are so many great bloggers and photographers out there. Even if they don’t tag or link where they bought a product, I’ve had luck just asking. I even created a “my home” folder in my phone, saving screenshots so I don’t have to search for them later. This helps when I’m consulting with friends who are good at this kind of stuff (see last tip).

–       Speaking of finding inspiration on Instagram, I used a photo I had saved and took it to my local hardware store to make (believe it or not!) my own kitchen table. (I’m still shocked.) The table was made with a wooden round top (I got it at Lowe’s) and hairpin legs (which I had never heard of but ordered online). I just asked around and figured out how to make the table, which ended up costing less than $100, total, and gave me an insane amount of pride. Admittedly, it wobbles a bit, but I think that just gives it character.

–       I learned to get over my fear of crossing multiple “themes” for my home, because guess what – it is my home. If I want to have a clean, crisp sectional in cream, I can easily add and change the accent colors each season, or every year, etc. I have a very modern theme from my pieces I got from Apt2B, but I wasn’t afraid to throw in a cow skull as my main décor piece. I also saw a cool idea on Instagram to glue flowers onto the skull head, so once I can convince my significant other into defacing our beloved skull, it’s on!

–       Faith is very important in our household, not just to each of us individually, but as a couple. I have

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

found reading a Bible verse or positive message each day helps me keep calm (usually!), so I knew incorporating a verse into our décor was a must. Though it took hours finding my exact piece, you can search Etsy and find scripture and calligraphy on pretty much anything. Some of my favorite Bible verses include Genesis 35:3, Jeremiah 29:13, Exodus 14:14, 1 Peter 5:8, 1 Peter 1:6 and so many more.

–       I also used the Internet to get rid of some furniture and décor we didn’t need or want anymore. I’ll admit, it took a lot of effort to repost (Craigslist for example) until things got sold, but the extra cash and space in the apartment was really worth it. Of course, you can always donate to a local worthy cause or search a fun DIY furniture hack/project on the Internet. We also had a lot of duplicate items we didn’t have room for (two dish sets, two Keurigs, etc. that needed to be sold or gotten rid of).

Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography // Mirror: Apt2b

Photo: Sunshine Winters Photography // Mirror: Apt2b

–       I decided to pick one small area of the apartment and crown it as my “favorite little place.” The vain human in me just so happened to make it a “selfie station” with my Taft full-length mirror (in walnut) and added a graphic bath mat that says “You Look Good,” which I put right smack-dab in our living room. As a full-time blogger, photos and selfies are an essential part of my job, so this not only fits my style, but it helps make my job easier too. My boyfriend won’t ever admit it, but I know he loves it too, posing with the dogs with the readily-available caption you look good.

–       Pinterest, of course, is a no-brainer when it comes to finding décor ideas and inspiration. And of course APT2B has some incredible pins. And although it has nothing to do with furniture or décor, I’m a big fan of hosting friends for football games, so this Super Bowl Sunday board was one of my favorites. Here is my personal “House Inspo” board – with things I want and need now, and others that I need to be a millionaire to afford. Always a dreamer.

I also had to have a talk with myself (well, truth be told, my boyfriend initiated it) to remind me that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s true; I wanted to snap my fingers and magically transform my apartment exactly how I wanted it, but it just wasn’t feasible – financially and with our hectic work schedules. So we are taking it one day (or project) at a time.

Being a responsible adult and getting new big-girl furniture is part of the “new me” living at the Millennium Kirby. [SPONSORED]