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Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts

Photo courtesy Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts

I have a confession to make. I’ve never had chicken and waffles. I know, I know. I claim to be a southern gal and a foodie no less, but I’m kind of a mad freak when my food touches. I’m the adult that still wants those portioned out plates so my food doesn’t touch. Thanksgiving has always been tough for me, but I digress.

The reason I admit that to all of you is that I finally had a similar combo and I want to punch myself in the face for missing out on this for so long. I went back to Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts recently and I won’t lie – I was basically forced to try the Double Donut Fried Chicken Sandwich (chicken tenders between two amazing glazed donuts with your choice of sauce). And if I’m being really honest, I ordered this but asked the food to be separate and then ate a few bites together. And that’s all it took. I was sold. More like obsessed.

Photo courtesy @leeschickendonuts Instagram

For starters, their glazed donuts (only $1.25 each) are some of the best glazed donuts in Houston and secondly, the combo of the salty fried chicken is seriously out of this world. I am a converted believer that certain foods can and should touch and be eaten in one big bite.

This is one of those places that definitely is not good for the waistline, but I have no problem adding gym time to each such tasty southern food. Plus, donuts y’all!

This spot is just another restaurant located within about 15 minutes from my home at The Millennium Kirby, so don’t be surprised if you run into me here. Frequently!