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Pom Pom Beach Bag Ready

BoutiqueMexico.com pom pom beach bag

I realize it’s only March, but here in Houston, it feels like summer has already arrived. As someone who grew up on the beach, I’m a pretty no-mess beach gal. I don’t wear makeup or jewelry (yes, I used to live in Miami and couldn’t stand that), nor do I wear wedges or heels with my bikinis, but an epic beach towel, perfectly fitting bikini and a fun beach bag are necessities in my water-loving world.

I recently got this pink and orange pom pom beach bag and absolutely love it. Though I’ve only had the chance to take it to the pool, it makes me crave a beach vacation more than I usually do.

I love the vibrant colors, but most of all, I love that it’s 100% handmade by native artisans. The company, Boutique Mexico, is pushing through an initiative that proposes we buy handmade quality goods, consume less and contribute more to the earth, and if you’re a true beach lover like me, that is accurately aligned with things super important to me.

Today, Boutique Mexico has mutually beneficial partnerships with artisans in Guerrero, Hidalgo, Puebla, Chiapas, and Oaxaca guided by the principals of fair trade. They believe in across the board prosperity as a result of mutual respect and cooperation – they also believe in sustainability, in doing good and in being grateful. You’re already going to spend money on a new beach bag, why not join this beautiful movement and help support it?

Another bonus: all Boutique Mexico products are 100% artisan-made which means each is an original work of art. So no one will have your exact bag. Winner! 

Plus, what’s not to love about unique goods that add an extra pop of color and excitement to your day? Check out their website above – I warn you that you could get lost for days and continue adding beautiful bags to your shopping cart all day. Then you’ll want to jump on a travel website and purchase a one-way ticket to the closest beach.

Consider yourselves warned beach babes! Who else is ready for summer? And speaking of summer, anyone else wanna get back on this water challenge with me?

Unfortunately the beach isn’t real life 24/7, but luckily the pool at The Millennium Kirby is pretty amazing, so be prepared to see lots of pool selfies with my new favorite pom pom bag coming in hot!