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10 Packing Tips for Female Travelers

Photo via Creative Commons

Whether you are preparing for a weekend trip with the girls, or a solo adventure around the world, packing in an efficient way is key. While most packing tips are universal and common sense, this guide will give strategies for women to pack light and avoid unnecessary stress while still looking and feeling their best because over or under packing can be the worst!

  1. Choose proper luggage

Before you start to sort through piles of clothes and narrow down what shoes to bring, it’s important to make sure you have the right type of luggage. If you will be staying in a hotel and plan to use a taxi or car service at your destination, a typical suitcase is appropriate. However, if you are going to an undeveloped country and/or intend on using public transport, a backpack or travel pack is more the right choice. Trust me— you don’t want to get stuck dragging a 50lb suitcase through the mud or up 15 flights of stairs. We suggest checking out LiveOnceLiveWild.com’s guide about travel backpacks for more info.

  1. Pack essentials in your carry-on bag

Even though luggage is rarely lost these days, there is still the possibility that your checked baggage gets lost or delayed. As a result, always pack your wallet, passport, an extra outfit, a toothbrush, deodorant, facial cleanser and basic makeup in your carry on. Before you go, identify what items are your “essentials,” put them in a bag, and be sure to keep them with you while in transit!

  1. Pack clothing with complimentary colors

When choosing what clothes to bring (yes, it’s tough sometimes!), consider the color palette of each item, ensuring that everything you bring can be mixed and matched. Sure, maybe there is a bright pink cardigan that you love, but will it match with every shirt you brought? Personally, I opt for black, grey and white clothing, but it’s up to you!

  1. LAYERS 

This may be the oldest travel hack in the book, but it’s crucial. Depending on what weather you will encounter, bring layers that reach the appropriate warmth (e.g. top layer being a hoodie for tropical destinations, a parka for temperate climates in winter). I always pack 1 top layer, 1 of the next level layer, and more of each layer as I get closer to my body. Basically, pack lots of underwear, a few shirts, but only 1 heavy jacket!

  1. Avoid jeans (unless wearing on the plane or day of traveling!)

Yes, jeans may be comfortable and stylish, but they are heavy, take a long time to dry, and are uncomfortable in humid climates. If you are going to SE Asia, for example, just don’t bring them. If you are going to Europe, however, limit yourself to 1 or 2 pairs— and re-wear them many times before a wash.  For conservative destinations or tropical locations, bring a long, lightweight skirt instead of jeans.

  1. Focus on accessories

If you are the type of person that likes to dress nice (and differently) every day, pack different types of accessories rather than clothes. Necklaces, glasses, scarves, bracelets, rings, and hats typically take up less space than clothing, and provide more variety to your wardrobe. Beware of bringing nice jewelry, however— you don’t want to get targeted for a robbery!


With the previous advice being said, lay out everything you want to bring on a flat surface in an organized fashion. Then, cut this pile in HALF! Considering the typical traveler over packs, this rule of thumb is useful and essential for optimizing space and increasing the utility of each item you bring. If you ever find yourself in need of more clothes, you can buy some.

  1. Utilize packing cubes (or stuff/dry sacks)

Once you’ve narrowed down all of the items you are going to pack, organize them into packing cubes. These cubes act as individual compartments within your luggage, and keep everything organized and easy to find. Stuff sacks (AKA dry sacks), on the other hand, are my go-to for dirty laundry since you can squeeze all of the air out of them (vacuum effect), and they are often waterproof, making your clothing compact and protected. The stuff sacks I have can be bought here, and some packing cubes here!

  1. Roll your clothes

When placing items into the packing cubes, roll them. This practice prevents wrinkles and optimizes space, making for a smaller and more compact piece of luggage.

  1. Limit 3 pairs of shoes (or less)

The rule of thumb is one pair of daily shoes or boots, one pair of athletic shoes, and sandals or flip-flops. Pack shoes (and other bulky items) first and at the bottom of your luggage. Also, always put your packed shoes into bags in order to prevent getting things dirty.

No matter when you leave or where you are headed, packing in an organized and light way is an important art form to master. The more effort you put into choosing what items to bring and how to pack them, the less stress you’ll feel during your travels.

*Sponsored post by LiveOnceLiveWild.