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America’s Box: I Love Mail

America’s Box Monthly Subscription

It’s no secret I love getting mail. My mom used to send me mail all the time, but she’s slacked off a little lately. Every time she’d send me mail, it’d have a book of stamps (a logical and friendly reminder to send her mail) and a $5 Panera gift card. PS: I think Panera is the worst food on the planet, but that’s for another day. But regardless, it was mail and I loved it.

I’m also a sucker for subscription boxes. Usually. It’s just a nice treat to get a box full of goodies (that already interest you) each month, when you’ve kind of forgotten. They always happen to be delivered in between a bunch of random bills, so how can you not love these things?

Recently I subscribed to America’s Box. Even though I personally feel our country is in a state of disarray and confusion (no, this has nothing to do with politics, nor is it asking for your unsolicited rule political comments!), but I love America.

October is the tailgating themed box, complete with a set of reusable red solo cups. If you saw how excited I got when I saw those, you’d know that the country girl in me is still alive and well!

Keep this American-made subscription box in mind for the upcoming holiday season. Did you know that if American’s spent $64 of their holiday spending on American Made Products it would create 200,000 jobs? That’s pretty phenomenal, no matter what political party you side with.

For just $29.99/month (or you can spend $49.99 and splurge for the VIP box,) you’ll received a monthly box filled with themed products made only in America (even the box and packaging are made in America!).

What subscription (boxes, magazines or anything else) do you just love? Tell me in the comment section below, maybe I’ll join in on the fun!