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Rover.com and Jerri

This is Abbey

When people find out I have a dog with as much as I travel, they always have the same reaction. As if (Clueless voice) I’m some bad dog mom for always leaving my dog and it must cost a fortune (maybe both are just slightly true).

But one of the reasons I’m lucky enough to work as a travel writer is the team of people/resources behind me.

I fully realize that sounds super cheesy, but having a routine is super important to me – especially as much as I travel. Some months I’m on the road more than I’m at my apartment so taking care of a few things or having people I can count on (on a repeat basis) is ideal, like my dog-sitter.

It’s no stretch of the imagination to say that Denali has been around the block. (Remember when I moved to Hawaii and posted a Craigslist ad to have someone fly him back to Virginia so he could stay with my parents for a year? I paid half up front and the other half was payable upon receipt of the dog in VA, which was slightly genius since my mom had to pay the other half!) It’s also no stretch of the imagination that though he’s an easy dog, that at 14-years-old, he’s kind of a grumpy old man and likes a routine (who doesn’t?)

That’s why I was stoked when I was personally introduced to Houston dog-walker and dog-sitter Jerri (who is the mom to Abbey, shown to the left). She actually lives next-door to a good friend of mine and he introduced us, and Denali had such a great time. He was around other dogs, he was well taken care of and he didn’t want to come home when I was ready to pick him up!

Having someone like Jerri who I can trust with Denali and give him the cuddly attention he needs makes it so much easier to pick up and go for travel assignments. Book Jerri on Rover.com (or request her rates or anything else you might want to ask her), especially before she books up for the holidays. Who knows – maybe our pups will get to stay at “camp” together!