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Women’s Health Magazine (online)

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The Blonde Side selected as a Women's Health Magazine Action Hero (TBS photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

The Blonde Side selected as a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero (TBS photo: Sunshine Winters Photography)

July 2016: Women’s Health Magazine (online content)

The Blonde Side was selected as a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero for the fifth straight year (every year since this program first began!).

Take a look at the interview below and click here to see the original online piece of all 61 Action Heroes. (Note: my age is listed incorrectly, but I’ll never tell 🙂 ) 
Every year, the Women’s Health team handpicks a group of fitfluencers we call our Action Heroes. This year’s ladies are active both fitness-wise and in their communities—not to mention, they’re just totally awesome people. We want you to get to know them, too! So scroll on down for a meet and greet with these 61 special women.

Jayme Lamm | The Blonde Side

What she does: Sports + Travel + Fitness Writer
What she wants you to know: I have worked for myself as a writer/blogger/social media influencer for the past six years and it is equally the most exhilarating and difficult thing I’ve ever done. In no particular order, I am proud of my faith, my bikini collection, my ability to recount the most random and useless sports statistics known to man (or woman!), my sarcastic wit and my love for the Lord.
The dish she can whip-up with chef-level skills: Spinach & Ricotta Lasagna (don’t test me without the recipe though!)
Her favorite food to indulge in: DONUTS (and champagne – does champagne count as a food? If not, it should.)
Her mantra: You can’t always do the right thing, but you should always try.
Best work or workout advice received: If you have a spare 10 minutes, that’s enough for a workout.

Runtastic Interview

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Run10Feed10 blog post on Runtastic

Run10Feed10 blog post on Runtastic

The Blonde Side was recently interviewed for the Runtastic blog. For those who don’t know about Runtastic, it’s a health and fitness community and is an all-around awesome app, that will help keep you on track.

This interview and blog post was part of our involvement with Women’s Health Magazine as an Action Hero.

Read the blog post:

I am lucky to live in a great community like Houston – one that is an active running community and loves giving back to various charities. RUN 10 FEED 10 has been a perfect match. I have been blessed to be a part of this charity run for the past four years, and have seen how it has impacted children and families right in my own neighborhood.

(Click here to read the rest on the Runtastic blog)

To join the Houston Run10Feed10 event, click here to sign up and use code WHLAMM for a discount. The 5k is Saturday, October 15th.

JingleBALLS Party Pics: LOCAL Houston Magazine

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JingleBALLS Party Pics in LOCAL Houston Magazine

JingleBALLS Party Pics in LOCAL Houston Magazine

A huge thank you to LOCAL Houston Magazine for including our JingleBALLS: 4th & down in their party pics in the print issue of May. You can find the pics on page 69 and also scroll through to see our one-on-one interview with former Houston Texan Chris Myers.

Thanks LOCAL – keep rocking this great city!

GUEST: Friday Night Lights Podcast

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The Blonde Side's episode on Friday Night Lights Podcast

The Blonde Side’s episode on Friday Night Lights Podcast

The Blonde Side was a recent guest (Episode 22) on the Friday Night Lights Podcast. This was a super fun interview and tells a pretty good story of how I came into my current career as a sportswriter and quite a few other things.

Examples of some of our favorite one-liners in this interview:

– It’s like when your hair is going wild and you throw random bobbi pins in to keep it in check, that’s how I am with commas…

– Hey I write this blog, no one reads it, but I’d like to interview you.

– If I was in a rush I’d just be in my bikini and stick my thumb out. Every Japanese tourist there thought I was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I would love to say I looked like her – she has a chubby face and so do I.

– They took their liberties entirely too far – I looked like a demon. Which asshole didn’t tell me I looked like that?

– No one has ever said this sentence ever: I think I have too many fanny packs. I own four fanny packs. And my friend said, “I kind of want to bitch-slap you for saying that.”

– This entire decision was based off this movie and I still don’t know the name of it.

– I guess I left when Human Resources told me to. It was a little bit of an awkward conversation. I think I might still be in that role today if I had kept my legs closed.”

Click here to listen to it (you can download it on your phone and other great ways).

Got other media opportunities for The Blonde Side? Give us a shout!

Houston Modern Luxury Magazine: The Write Stuff featuring The Blonde Side

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Houston Modern Luxury April 2013 Men’s Issue

Nick Esquer with Houston Modern Luxury profiled three of Houston’s “prettiest and wittiest sportswriters” and The Blonde Side was one of the lucky ones featured in this story in the April 2013 Men’s Issue. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the glossy mags around Houston, turn to page 60-63.

Wearing a Miami Heat T-shirt and a blonde ponytail for coffee, Wisconsin-born sports blogger Jayme Lamm, 31, demonstrates her effortlessly breezy look. And her sense of loyalty. “I get a lot of guff from Rockets fans here because I’m all for the Heat,” she explains.

But this is certainly a woman who can take guff. She’s not only an athlete in her own right, having learned about sports through her own bumps and bruises, sustaining a variety of sports-related injuries, including a complete shoulder replacement and multiple knee surgeries. (“You really start to appreciate what these guys go through,” she says.) She’s also a survivor of the ill-fated Carnival Triumph cruise that suffered an engine room fire in February, stranding the vessel, and all passengers onboard, at sea.

The Blonde Side featured in Houston Modern Luxury’s April 2013 “The Write Stuff”

Lamm worked for five years in sports public relations, including a stint with the Astros, before she realized that an office job wasn’t the best place to be artistic. “I had to get out of such a uniformed environment,” she says. A die-hard sports buff, she powered up her computer and got to blogging.

Her blog, The Blonde Side (, a far-ranging project on which the petite scribe holds forth on

everything from basketball stars to cheerleading, hit the web in January of 2010­—and has recently seen a larger following, and opened up freelance writing gigs at major media outlets. Catching the attention of magazine editors, Lamm has landed writing opportunities for Women’s Health and ESPN online, including items on Roger Clemens and Jeremy Lin.

Read the full story here.

Photos by Laurie Perez and hair and makeup by FaceForward Weddings.

Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero: The Blonde Side

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The Blonde Side | Jayme Lamm’s Profile as a Women’s Health Action Hero

Some of the latest and greatest news from The Blonde Side is being selected as one of a handful of Action Hero bloggers for Women’s Health Magazine. Check out Jayme’s profile on the website, where Lamm jokes (but not really joking) that her favorite music to run to is Jagged Edge and Lionel Richie, “To go along with the whole theme of not being normal.”

Other questions on the profile:

Guilty Pleasure: On a healthy and active blog, is it inappropriate to say Champagne?

Sign: Sagittarius, but “feisty only child” is a bit more fitting.

Girl Around Town SPRING TRAINING Guide

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Girl Around Town SPRING TRAINING Guide

Girl Around Town SPRING TRAINING Guide

The lovely ladies (Leigh and Mary) over at Girl Around Town contacted The Blonde Side once again to help out with their 2013 spring shopping guide.

To see the full guide, click here (The Blonde Side’s Spring Training stuff is on page 25, but definitely check it out front to back).

Thanks to Tootsies for the shoot and some of the great clothes, FaceForward Weddings for hair and makeup and Running Game Clothing for the awesome Houston Texans SWATT T-shirt. If you want one, be sure to use code THEBLONESIDE at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!

Shit Cruise

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Toilets falling off the walls on the Carnival Triumph

Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship’s Toilets Are So Full Of Shit They Are Falling Off The Walls, And Other Gross Details From Someone Aboard

Yes, I was stuck on that miserable Carnival Cruise Ship disaster. But it wasn’t all in vain (or was it). Check out my texts below that were sent to Deadspin editor, Tim Burke and captured for more than 50,000 people (my father included) to see.

Jayme Lamm—freelance sportswriter and proprietor of—is currently stranded aboard the Carnival Triumph, a cruise ship that has been without power for four days after an engine room fire. We’ve received sporadic dispatches from her over the past few days via text message, and she’s agreed to let us post them in this space. Everything [sic]’d.

Literally stranded at sea. Using plastic bags to bathroom and NO ELECTRICITY.

Barely alive.

[The worst thing I’ve witnessed is] the toilets that fell off the wall because they were so full and shit and urine floating around.

Two people were banging in my tent the first night and I watched I was so bored.

Food hasn’t been a huge issue, but it’s not good. Jelly & bread and zucchini & red onion sandwiches.

Some lady was SELLING Immodium.

Woman died yesterday of a heart attack.

They closed the bars Sunday when the fire happened. Luckily I brought a flask. And Ambien.

The Bachelorette Party before shit got real. Literally.

They won’t let us outside because people are holding up sheets with messages. The first three nights we slept outside under tents made out of our bedsheets. They made us come in. They said safety reasons but it’s not.

Today they cleaned the hell out of this ship, served LOBSTER FOR LUNCH, crew is wearing matching hats.

Y’all better be enjoying your Valentine’s flowers while we’re defecating in red plastic bags.

People are spelling “HELP” with their bodies. Our theme song has been Alicia Keys: “This Boat Is On Fire.”

We are going 1mph.

Update (6:44 p.m.): Some lady just told me she took the batteries out of her vibrator to use her fan.

To see the full post (and the comments, which are a must read), visit the Deadspin website.

To see all the pictures (before, during and after the cruise), visit The Blonde Side’s FB page.

The Blonde Side Makes Front Cover of HERE Houston Magazine

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The Blonde Side’s Cover Story on HERE Houston Magazine

This piece went to over 60,000 homes in and around Houston in print and was accompanied by an online version. By Kim Hogstrom

Cover Story: ‘The Blonde Side’ blog scores with local sports fans

Houston’s Jayme Lamm is one-of-a-kind.

The diminutive blonde’s stature offers no hint to this sports blogger’s knowledge, passion and voice on the matter of all things sports. From cheerleaders to charities, football games and stadium stats, to intimate interviews with players, if it’s sports, Jayme knows it well and writes about it equally well.

The outgoing Lamm was herself an athlete stating at age five “popping wheelies to catch a boy’s eye,” she remembers. Her early career included a stint in professional sports in the areas of public relations and marketing. However, Lamm’s strong “views,” and brand of “enthusiasm” were not met with much joy by the industry, so she launched her blog,, in January 2010 and readers can’t seem to get enough of it. Now, she says, she works only for The Blonde Side, laughing with apparent satisfaction at the thought.

“I have a lot to say; I am very opinionated,” Lamm stated proudly, “but I wasn’t sure who was going to read The Blonde Side when I started it. You might think that my readers are all women, but only about 40 percent are women. About 60 percent are men. I think the reason anyone reads it stems from the fact that I am genuine and authentic. I am also goofy and laugh at myself. And I am not a know-it-all when it comes to sports. I am not afraid to make a mistake,” she stated, “and I do make mistakes.”

A quick review of the The Blonde Side blog reveals a reader-friendly style chocked full of entertainment, and content that would seduce the least sports-minded among us to return – again and again. Football, baseball, soccer — every sport that includes competition, it’s all there. In short, the blog is full of insight and fun, just like Lamm.

Read the full story here.

Your Super Awesome Life Interview

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The Blonde Side was recently interviewed by Your Super Awesome Life about how and why her life just felt so “awesome.” The interview was fun and it felt great to be considered “inspirational” by such a great soul like Ashley.

Here are just a few of the questions in the interview:

5. What advice to you have for other aspiring freelance writers?

Hate to sound all Nike cliché, but JUST DO IT. Even if you start small – start a blog, don’t be afraid to offer guest blogs for free (yes, for free) or reach for the stars and email and pitch editors of your favorite blogs/mags/pubs. The worst that can happen is they say hell no (or more likely, not even respond), and then so what? You may not be any better off, but you’re certainly not worse off.

6. What little things in life right now make you do a happy dance? Big things?

The little things in life – like the Dallas Cowboys not being in the playoffs again…
As for a big thing, well that’s pretty simple and I can sum it up in two words: I’m happy. There aren’t a lot of people who can say that (and mean it) and I don’t know when that happened, but it did. I’m happy. More than just content, but happy. It’s probably a goal I’ve worked towards my whole life and finally met it – it feels really good, ya know?

10. What inspires you to continue living a life you love each day?

If I don’t love my life, who the hell will?

To read all 10 questions in the interview, click here.